Date: 28th May 2011 at 12:19pm
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The writing is on the wall for the departure of David Ngog from Liverpool this summer if anyone wants to buy him. Damien Comolli has placed a £8 million price tag on Ngog.

Ngog has made only two starts for Liverpool under Kenny Dalglish, and the 22-year-old is chasing more game time as he looks at interest from other clubs.

I have never been a great fan of Ngog and I feel it could be beneficial for both himself and Liverpool if he is to move on. I doubt he will get much game time next season if he stays at Liverpool as we will not have the luxury of added games in the Europa League so you can expect the likes of Suarez, Carroll and Kuyt to be starting almost every game next season if they are fit. If one of them gets injured we would need a more prolific striker to take over and Ngog is not the right person to step in as he is not lethal enough infront of goal.

Ngog still has a lot to learn and he can only achieve that by playing regularly thus finding a new club would be best for him. However I do not think that Ngog is worth £8 million. It would be great if we are able to get that much for him considering we only bought him for £1 million in 2008 from PSG.

Do you think Ngog is worth £8 million?


20 responses to “Is Ngog really worth £8 million?”

  1. TJ says:

    No. If he played for Birmingham, he would be worth about £2.5 million.

  2. Wazza says:

    Shit player.. Enuff said..

  3. Wazza says:

    my dad used to always cheat on my mom & beat her thats why i`m this way

  4. YNWA says:

    the club should just sell him for what they paid. get him off our wage bill. was never worth what e’s earning

  5. jsglfc says:

    Ngog is not worth 10p let alone 8 million.

  6. bb says:

    maybe they put wrong tagged in a wrong cloth

  7. liverpool tactican says:

    I think he mayb worth around 5million as he is young nd still learning his nt dat bad but nt gd enough

  8. Ben says:

    It isn’t the point whether he’s worth £8 million or not! If we can get that much then great, but if someone wants him, but won’t pay that much its a good price to start negotiations from! So would you prefer we say he’s worth £5 million and get bartered down to £3 million, or start at 8 and get paid £5 million?? Its a no brainer really isn’t it?? Its called business.

  9. Bill says:

    Sell him to City for £15mil.

  10. Lee says:

    Thank god none of you idiots run the club.

    No player is worth their transfer fee nowadays but you don’t go giving young players with premiership goal scoring experience away on the cheap.

    This thread is pointless, if makes no odds what he may/may not be worth, he’s a Liverpool player and we should try and make a big profit.

  11. SuaRed says:

    Yes he’s worth 8m!

    Shut up up you lot! we need the 8m to put in the player kitty.

  12. makdaddy says:

    if he played for everton, he’d be “the next Robbie Fowler” and want 12/15mil for him.

  13. cabby says:

    No he isn’t… and if “idiots” from our own fan base keep writing articles that he isn’t… then we will never get it or anywhere near it. Stop writing stupid articles and let the club run the club.. or are you the one really in charge!!!!!!! NO, then shut up

  14. andy says:

    it can’t be April already.

    Only a fool would pay that!!!

  15. Matt says:

    Ok, so this will gain me no popularity, but I think he should stay, or go out on loan. He was worlds ahead of the rest of the young guys coming through, which is why he was thrust into the first team when Torres got injured. He wasn’t nurtured into it – the goal scoring responsibility was lumped onto his shoulders. At a time when the whole team were underperforming… Not making any excuses, would’ve been nice if he’d scored a few more. (Same can be said for Torres and we got 50M for him…) But, with regular starts on loan, or the right guidance, he’ll be a killer striker… Give him another season I reckon.

  16. Joe-El says:

    What a bunch of spastics! Of course Ngog is worth £8m.

    1. That price isn’t exactly a lot of money anymore… not like when United bought Andy Cole.

    2. He holds the ball up MUCH better than Torres and has more skill than he is given credit for.

    3. He definitely knows his way to goal and would happily accept the responsibility to be main striker.

    4. He’s young and has a great deal of potential.

    Liverpool should certainly sell the lad so that he can be the player that everyone believes he can be. A top four side is perhaps beyond him but the lad would scored truckloads at a mid-table side without question.

    £8m = sale of the century. Sad to say that Liverpool supporters are fast becoming the new bitters!

  17. Kenny Dalglish says:

    I’d pay someone £8 million just to consider taking him off our hands .

    I was looking at the record books yesterday & I can officially confirm N’Gog is the worst forward to ever play for Liverpool & has officially been crowned king of the headless chickens by the previous holder of the title , Carlton Palmer who shared the same ability to be able to trap a ball further than he could Kick it as N’Gog does .

    But with that said the club is considering offering him a new contract , but you will be glad to hear it isnt a playing contract , we want him to stay on as a groundsman so he can dispel the myth that a player of his ability isnt even good enough to cut the grass at Anfield let alone play on it .

  18. Kenny Dalglish says:

    To be slightly kinder to N’Gog , with his displays for our first team over this past two seasons I can genuinely say that he has proved himself ….

    Proved himself to be not even good enough to get a game for PSG in tha weakling French League of where tha Bambi legged weakling who has the balance of a drunk Emile Heskey is actually from & was let go for free by them in tha first place !

    N’Gog is symptomatic of the penny pinching disease that previous ownerships fostered which reduced us to signing cast off rejects who dont even strengthen our reserve side just so we can gain a little more exposure on the cheap on other continents .

    Lets just cast off the dead wood then bring in some proper proven quality players like Downing , Baines & Arjen Robben , win a league & Champions League & get all the media exposure we can handle but for the right reasons from now on , just like we did when we were genuinely the best club in Europe .

    God Bless me ( I’m Kenny Dalglish !!! )

  19. Kenny Dalglish says:

    Is N’Gog really worth £8 Million ?

    Is what comes outa yer arse worth £8 million ?

    The answer yer lookin for is “NO” accompanied by yet another N – O spells “NO” & like his mammy tried to explain to his Daddy …

    No means No !

    Liverpool have released better younger players than him year on year because we are at the top of a results based business & a top end club cant wait around on talent to blossom , the simple fact there’s any kinda price tag attached to a player of his low quality just goes to prove that the game is so over commercialized that its impossible to take transfer fees as a guide to talent , much less proof .

    Any of the higher amateur divisions throughout Britain & Ireland have much better 6’3 Forwards under 25 years old than what N’Gog is & all of them are much better suited to British football than N’Gog is .

    N’gog is a wart on the end of the clubs nose & is partly the reason we have become known as Loserpool & are considered a whipping boy & a joke by the press hacks that fraudulently call themselves journalists .

    I say we have had our service outa him now let him go on a free & put the mockery of our recent past behind us as soon as humanly possible .
    By releasing players of his low quality as quickly & silently as possible the more quickly & silently we can go about replacing them with players proven up to not only playing in Englands top flight but providing quality match winning performances consistently within it .

    I dont care if we get £8 million for him or 8 pence for him , I just want him gone , out the door by the time I have finished this comment !

    Fabio Aurellio or is that Fragile Injurio ? Should be out the door on a free hot on N’Gogs heels as should Poulsen , Jovanovich & Kyrgiakos , simply because they havent got the quality we need week in week out for us to challenge for a title let alone win it .

    Players like that only hold back progress & after a 20 Title famine how can we put a price on progress ?

    Martin Kelly is already a much better CB than Kyrgiakos & Danny Wilson is a much more solid defender at LB than Fragile Injurio & both those young lads have been played outa position to accommodate substandard senior pros like those two within out horrendously unbalanced squad .

    Poulsen cant head it , cant run , cant tackle & cant even give a simple ball on the deck over 10 yards more than 3 times in a row . Jay Spearing is already twice the player he is .

    Comolli musta valued N’gog by looking at how well Big Andy Carroll can take a ball down under pressure , hold it up , then lay it off to a team mate before attacking space intelligently & said to himself …

    “Sacre Bleu ! … Ze big Andy is easily 5 times better zan ze merde N’Gog , so I shall divide his fee by 4 or 5’ish & place ze resulting fee on ze bargain bucket player N’Gog ! I am ze Genious ! Mon Dieu !!! “