Date: 25th May 2011 at 7:46am
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May 25, 2005 will be a day Liverpool fans will never forget! It was on this day that we won our 5th European Cup by beating AC Milan on penalties in Istanbul. Many have dubbed this the greatest European Cup final ever and I will have to agree. From being 3-0 down at half-time to fighting back to make it 3-3 and then taking the game to penalties where Dudek was the hero.

Today we would like to find out from you, where were you on this day 6 years ago? Where did you watch the game? What do you remember most about this game?


11 responses to “Where were you on this day 6 years ago?”

  1. chris says:

    I was in a pub in Johannesburg getting drunk from Liverpool being 3-0 down and then getting drunk after the game from winning. One of the best days of my life.


  2. tristan says:

    What a night! We need another night like that soon and with King Kenny at the helm now, many more nights like that will follow.

    The fans singing YNWA at halftime when we were 3nil down was priceless!

  3. soulcat says:

    in the pub getting drunk also 34 years today for Rome the 1st european cup win

  4. Dennis Miano says:

    one of the best nights of my life it ended up to be, was watching the game at home, was so depressed at half time but the six minutes of madness were orgasmic!!! i still have videos of the highlights to date.
    unbelievable stuff.
    what a night!!

  5. Gareth Evans says:

    At half time I could stand it no more and went upstairs to paint our newly converted attic room. Luckily, I took the radio and almost broke my leg hurtling down the 2 flights of stairs as soon as Stevie stuck that first one in with his head. What. A. Night!

  6. Kava says:

    Without doubt the best day of my life thus far!! Was at home going thru crazy emotions.

  7. John says:

    in a British bar, in Phoenix, Arizona.

    A friend and I had to watch a delayed feed, as we couldn’t watch the game live. We turned all phones off, and warned those around us of their fate, should they inform us of the score. The TV schedule was messed up, so we walked in, in the 80th minute, at 3-3 (gutted).

    Extra time and penalties provided the emotional turmoil for us. Most of the American patrons were bemused as to why two English guys were dancing around like idiots, celebrating the result of a repeated game, which most of them had likely watched live, 5 hours earlier. We didn’t care though.

  8. Song says:

    I was crying at half time and screaming at full time (all from 3am to 6am in the morning) in Singapore…waking up the neighbours and my folks! The best emotional roller coaster ride of my life with a fairy tale ending…

    I look forward to more fairy tale ending.


  9. ReikiRebel says:

    Early Morning flight out from Liverpool airport to Turkey, 3 hour bus ride from the airport to the city centre, few drinks and some food, much singing and chatting with the locals … long journey to the ground (walked the last few miles), no food or drink in the stadium (got some water at half-time) experienced passion/energy like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, we won 🙂 long 3-4 hour bus ride back to the airport for the flight home … 1st flight out and lucky to get on it, back to Liverpool about 6am …
    Picked up from the airport and we headed out to Wales for a family camping long weekend …


  10. Khalid says:

    My Mrs and I stayed at the Taksim Hotel in Taksim Square where majority of the fans gathered. It was such a blast with fans gathered around McDonalds, singing away and it was such a joyful start. The atmosphere was buzzing. I remember the massive screen outside our hotel and all of the buildup into how both teams getting to Istanbul.

    Around 3-4pm we then got a taxi to the Stadium which cost us $100 and the journey seemed a never ending one.

    Driving through the streets we had the local Turks waving and giving us the thumbs up.
    As soon as we approached the stadium all you could see was a swarm of red fans walking towards it. It was a feeling of ecstasy and full of buzz. Singing, flags scarves waving and unity.

    We entered the stadium and it was huge. We were in quite early and slowly slowly it started to pack out and eventually all you see was 80% of stadium filled in red. What a turn out!!! The ynwa anthem sung by our fans was unexplainable, emotional and a great bond of unity.

    Game started and atmosphere was buzzing and before we know it we are 1 down and then 2. At that point I thought we could get 2 but when the 3rd went in the stadium felt empty with a little sound coming from the Milan fans. I thought game over and some handful of fans decided that the exit was the best thing.

    We were deflated and the YNWA anthem was sung with extra vocal with great belief. The atmosphere upped again and on the 54 minutes the start of the impossibility began. Gerrard 1-3, then Smicer 2-3 and all you could see is the great Milan team crumbling and the stadium in electric sound. 59 minutes gone Gerard goes down and a big roar of penalty and the referee gives it. What a 6 minute turn around. Alonso takes keeper saves and bangs in the rebound for the 3rd. I still cannot believe it to this day of the 6 minute madness against the most feared team of the decade.

    What a game and atmosphere was just amazing. We could not believe and trying to wonder whether it’s for real or are we dreaming that from 3-0 down to 3-3. I kept looking at the score board to make me believe. I just could not comprehend what had happened.

    At that point we were in control and then slowly Milan begun to regain their battered confidence back. It was all nail biting stuff until the very end as they applied more and more pressure with some great defending from carra and saves from us. The whole team played their part.

    Then came the penalties and I was nervous. Ups and downs and up comes Shevchenko. Dudek saves and we had just won the Cup. What a moment of ecstasy. We were shattered through the rollercoaster events of 140 minutes and this was the icing on the cake of probably the best ever game in the history of football. What a night!!! Lots of celebrations in the stadium outside and getting our ride back to Taksim sq. The night was buzzing and my only regret was that I didn’t take my camcorder.

    However, what a night and still cannot believe it. It’s a story you could only dream about.


    Then the moment came for Penalties

  11. Himanshu Shringi says:

    I was in my house and it was past midnight…somehow I managed to pull through the first half but I felt absolutely shattered…being the only footie fan in my house and then the only person who actually stayed up all night for the game…I was so furious yet saddened, I didn’t know what to do

    I started flicking the channels in the first half but promised myself, I will sit through the second half at any cost. And so I did, and what I saw was a miracle I have yet to see again (the FA cup next season was close but not quite)

    When the 3rd went in (my heart was in my mouth when Alonso missed the penalty – that feeling soon turned to over-excitement when he put in the rebound!) I went practically ballistic…I started screaming so loud, the neighbors woke up, my parents screamed at me from upstairs in the house but I couldn’t care less

    I only wish Liverpool can give them that beautiful feeling again in my life!!