Date: 25th May 2011 at 9:29am
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Ever since Xabi Alonso left Liverpool, many fans wondered why did he leave. For many of us it was obvious speculation that Alonso left because of Rafa Benitez. Benitez made it clear that he wanted to sign Gareth Barry and replace him with Xabi Alonso. Now Xabi has spoken out and told us exactly what happened.

“At the end of that season, speaking to Rafa, he told me the situation and that he wanted to sign other players and I could be one of the replacements,” Alonso told Liverpool’s official website.

“If an offer would have come, probably I would have been sold. That’s when I told myself that the situation had changed – from being a very important player to being one of those who can be sold to get funds to sign other players.

“I accepted it because I am a professional but you have to realise what your situation is. At the end nothing happened because there was no agreement and we started my last season in Liverpool, but knowing what had happened.

“I didn’t know what would happen but at the end of the season, knowing what had happened, I felt if another option was to come I needed to take another step in my career.

“It was very difficult to take that decision, but it was probably for the best for me because I was not comfortable with that situation and if I had stayed another season it would have been uncomfortable for me.

“I was really happy with the team and my team-mates and felt that we could do great things. I was happy on that side but within a club you have to see the big picture and another season would have been too much for me.

“As soon as the season finished I talked to the manager. I knew that maybe Madrid were coming and I said if the terms were good then I wanted to leave.”

So now we know the real reason that Alonso left and we can firmly blame Rafa for letting go of one of the best midfielders in the world. I have heard some fans say that the season before Alonso left Liverpool he had a very poor season and thus he should have been sold. But his final season for Liverpool he was certainly one of the best players we had as we came so close to winning the league. Surely after Alonso had found his form again it did not make sense to mess up a team that had come so close. Liverpool have not been able to replace Alonso since we sold him to Real Madrid and Alonso has gone on to be a key player in Madrid amongst a whole bunch of other stars.

Thank you for explaining to us what exactly happened Xabi. Now we can stop speculating on why you left.


11 responses to “The REAL reason Xabi Alonso left Liverpool”

  1. Alan says:

    Jog on mate. The real reason is we had to sell to buy because of the crippling debts we had on the club.

    “If an offer would have come, probably I would have been sold. That’s when I told myself that the situation had changed – from being a very important player to being one of those who can be sold to get funds to sign other players.”

    Alonso understood the situation.

  2. spike says:

    I thought we have moved on from all this Rafa bashing?

    As I remember it, Alonso’s form had tailed off significantly after his first season. This might have been to down to breaking his leg, but the reason Rafa wanted to replace him is because he wasn’t performing at the level that we all knew he was capable of. In fact, Alonso’s best ever season for the reds was in the immediate aftermath of Rafa failing to sign Barry, when he was truly outstanding.

    So whether you like it or not Rafa did get the best out of Alonso on the pitch, and got the best price as well becuase had sold him the season we tried to get Barry we would have only got £10M, as opposed to the £20M we got a season latter.

    Still was gutted to see him go

  3. Lee says:

    How about you jog on Alan you moron.

    Yes, we needed money but only a fool tries to sell one of your better players to finance a move for an inferior one.

    Another idiotic decision by Rafa which I thought at the time and simply confirmed now.

  4. Jay Wright says:

    This isn’t news – any and everybody should’ve already known this story by now.

  5. RedNProud says:

    Just a few points for you to think about:

    1) Alonso had a couple of poor seasons, so poor in fact that NO-ONE came in for him because Rafa’s valuation of £7 millon was deemed to be to high.

    2) Alonso WANTED to move even though Liverpool offered him a new contract.

    3) Given point 2, £30 million for a player who cost £10 millon represents good business.

    4) Rafa was told that money generated from the sale of players would be used to strengthen the squad. Another H&G lie.

    5) This is ancient history and the rights and wrongs have been discussed to death on various posts over the years, so why bother writting it.

    With FSG, Kenny and the rest of the team(including the academy)the future looks bright and once again I can say “I’m a RED AND PROUD”

  6. Luke says:

    This is old news, everyone knows the reason why he left Liverpool.
    Its a shame, as he was probably the best central midfielder in the league at the time. Hes a nice lad, so I hope he does well, just a pity he couldnt see out his career at Liverpool.

  7. Rich says:

    He wasn’t actually one of our best players when we tried to move him on though. It’s easy to gloss over the facts based on this interview alone.

    Rafa has since claimed that he aimed to bring Garerh Barry in to compliment Alonso, not replace him. This all went to pot when Rick Parry signed Robbie Keane and the transfer budget was ripped to shreds.

  8. RedNProud says:

    Lee, at the time Rafa tried to sell Alonso he wasn’t one of our better players. His poor form was the reason that other clubs thought that a valuation of @ £7 millon was too high. The fact that no-one came in for him was probably the reason that he had such a great last season for us (putting himself in the shop window). He was offered a new contract by Liverpool but stated his intent move.

  9. Luke says:

    Even though Alonso wasn’t playing his best football before his last season, he still contributed a lot to the team and the potential was there for everyone to see.

    He just needed better players around him, to show off his passing range. I never understood why Benitez wanted to replace Alonso with Barry, just look at them now!

    I think most of the fans understand why Alonso left, after the way he was treated.
    He will always get a good reception from the Liverpool fans.

  10. Gary says:

    Between 2006 and 2008 Alonso had 7 different injuries which kept him out for varying lengths of time. In the 07/08 season he only started 24 games in all competitions. Its no surprise therefore that the manager started to look at other options for the pivotal central midfield position. As a professional in any walk of life, if you can’t do the job you’re employed to do, then the employer will look at replacing you. Its the same in football. Alonso was no good to us on the injury table.

    Also if you look at his comments there is no reference to Rafa forcing him out. He said Rafa spoke to him about having (not wanting) to sell him if the price was right so they could buy other players. Nothing about rifts, forcing him out, bad treatment or bad man management. Rafa told it as it was. Alonso then went on to have the best season he’s ever had for us. Whether that was because he was trying to prove Rafa wrong or merely to put himself in the shop window we’ll never know, but we got £30 million for him (£20m profit) instead of the 15m that was being talkied about the summer before.

    Alonso made his decision to leave. He wasn’t coerced or forced, and I can’t see how him leaving can be blamed on Rafa.

  11. millz says:

    i agree with u 100%,he wanted to move after a wonderful season,everyone wanted him to stay but he’s mind was already made why blame someone for leaving alonso?