Date: 24th May 2011 at 6:00am
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With the season now over, the main focus will be on the transfer market and Liverpool could be heading to Villa Park to pick up three top players. Aston Villa have made it clear that they do not want to sell any of their top players but it looks like at the end of the day the players themselves are the ones who are going to want to move to new clubs especially after the poor season Aston Villa had.

The first name that is 100% certain to leave Aston Villa is their 40 year old goalkeeper Brad Friedel. The ex-Liverpool stopper is out of contract at Aston Villa and will not be signing a new contract. The only question now is where does he go with Tottenham and West Brom also keen to sign him. But all signs point to him making a return to Liverpool after he signed for us in 1997 and spent two and a half years at Anfield. Friedel will know very well that he will be coming in as an understudy to Pepe Reina and this could suite him just fine as he eyes a future coaching role at Liverpool. From a Liverpool point of view it would be great to have such a top class keeper on the bench just in-case Reina gets injured. Liverpool have been very lucky over the years that Reina has not been sidelined for long spells due to injury.

The second Villa player who could be heading to Liverpool is Ashley Young. The Villa star has also refused to sign a new contract with the club as he seeks to move to a bigger club. The race for his signature is now down to Liverpool and Manchester United. Young would make the wrong decision if he joins Manchester United as he will not be a guaranteed starter whereas at Liverpool we would slot him into the starting lineup as we need him to add some pace and width to the side.

Finally, another Aston Villa winger who would be a great addition to the Liverpool team, Stewart Downing. Liverpool have been linked with Downing in the past, even before he joined Aston Villa. This time round, Liverpool may finally get their man in they put in a big enough bid for Downing. Villa would be reluctant to sell their player of the season but with the influence of Kenny Dalglish now at Liverpool, Downing may just be tempted to move to a bigger club. Having Downing and Young down the wings for Liverpool next season would be a dream come true for Andy Carroll.


44 responses to “3 Aston Villa players to join Liverpool”

  1. Deano says:

    You must be having a laugh. Brad may have 1 more season but will not come to be cover he wants to have maintain his 100% PL record. I spoke to Stu Downing last week he will not join Liverpool, they are not even in Europe! Young will go to Man U. he wants CL football. If that does not work he will go to a London club, he has no interest in Liverpool for any money. Liverpool are not a big club anymore guys, just one of the also rans like Villa, Everton and Newcastle…sooner that is realised the better.

  2. Sam Kiernan says:

    ha ha Deano, not a big club what planet are you on pal, you spoke to himnlast week….. yeah of course lets just see what happens in the summer shall we. Liverpool Fc is 1000x no 1,000,000 no 10,000,000x bigger than Villa. Friedel will come with Downing and Young probably wont be we can hope he has more chance with us than with you

  3. Deano says:

    HaHa, I am a Middlesbrough fan, Stu is a mate and we are not expecting Young to join us! It certainly looked to me like Villa were the bigger club at the weekend! Your just living in the past Sam, just living in the past my friend!

  4. Luissaurez says:

    We are nothing like the 3 clubs you mention the sooner you realise that the better!

  5. Dave says:

    To be honest I hope Downing doesn’t come he’s one of the weaker players we’re linked with. Young would be a good addition.

  6. diamond says:

    Jesus what world do u live in if you think liverpool aren’t a big club,look at all the trophies they’ve won,i dont know any also rans with a record like that and massive world wide support unlike villa or even laughable middlesbrough,liverpool will be challenging for a top four place next season and maybe building a new 65000 seater stadium,also ran clubs dont do those kind of things…oh and good luck in the coca cola league (or what ever is called these days)next season!

  7. Luke says:

    LOL look at the league table Deano, by the way when was the last time Villa finished above Liverpool.

  8. Luke says:

    Deano must be a WUM and bitter supporter. Anyway guys be patient with Kenny, he needs 2-3 seasons to build a team capable of winning the league. Hopefully the young players coming through will mean he has more money to spend on top players. It is important they buy well and get value for money.

  9. Deano says:

    Guys when you have all finished measuring your rather empty trophy cabinets, are you playing in Europe next year? No…….and will you be able to attract Ashley Young? Not a chance! If you think Downing is a weak player well LOL!

  10. Kev says:

    We’ll see in the summer Deano, oh btw Gerard Houllier and Gary Mcallister is a mate. 🙂

  11. Luke says:

    LOL empty trophy cabinets, thats a funny comment in itself, but coming from Boro fan that’s even more hilarious.
    If I was you Deano, I would just give up. By the way enjoy the Championship next season.

  12. diamond says:

    You keep thinking that way mr middlesbrough after all you must know everthing about football when your mate is “stu”!..Ha ha ha ha middlesbrough football club!

  13. Luke says:

    Im friends with Aguero and he told me he was coming to Liverpool. He also told me that hes friends with Mata and Benega and that they would both jump at the chance of joining Liverpoo. Ah we can all dream cant we Deano!

  14. SpitTheDog says:

    I was speaking to Randy Lerner last night (he’s a mate) and he’s just gonna sell the whole f***in team and sell the site to Tesco.

  15. Luke says:

    Randy Lerner is a shrewd man!

  16. david says:

    Hey Deano, im from Singapore. Liverpool fan club has a bigger following (embarrassingly)) than our National team mate. Its same for with CHina and India when it comes to liverpool mate. Dont bother mentioning Middlesbro,more than half of Asians cant pronounce the word,the other half thinks its a condom or cigarette brand. If you’re not from another planet than you mus be from Down under when they soccer using thir hands Get real mate

  17. diamond says:

    Ha ha ha,love it gents!

  18. Luke says:

    Guys Deano is not replying because hes probably just started school.
    Judging by his comments hes got a lot to learn, something tells me history, is not his strongest subject.

  19. Lewis says:

    Dave are you retarded? Downing is MILES better than Ashley “average” Young. Downing is a REAL winger, he stays on the wings, has incredible pace, is very direct and puts in great balls. Young on the other hand comes inside because he isn’t direct and can’t outpace most defenders. Do we want more Maxis and Kuyts? Or a real winger? The last REAL winger we had was Harry Kewell. Downing was Villa’s player of the season and imo the EPL player of the season too along with Bale and Charlie Adam. Hope we get him. Friedel is a bonus.

  20. Jeven says:

    wow deano….if i ever had the misfortune to see u i would probably spit on your face….liverpool not a big club….and plese do not even compare us to the other clubs you mention especially villa or iddlesbrough….they are not even our standard and its just that we had a bad spell lately that clubs like you even had a chance to play your football…..embarrasing!

  21. Luke says:

    Tad harsh with the spitting comment Jeven, lol!

  22. faye fitz says:

    44 major trophies most shirt sales last season worldwide ,most hits on the internet worldwide, i rest my case clown.

  23. HM187 says:

    lads, great comments and a great togetherness that we all LFC fans know how big the Liverpool brand is! Plus we’re all proud to be a LFC fans! This season has been a roller coaster season and finished on the up. This can only encourage the players for next season. Missing out of Europa is a major boost so we can really concentrate on the league put a run in the domestic cups and challenge for the title. Both Young and Downing would prove excellent signings for us. Both proven in the PL and great ammo to Carroll. We could also gurantee first team football to both players which is something the other teams in the hunt for them can’t. Would any of you consider having N’Zogbia in the team? It seems Eden Hazard won’t be coming but let’s remain positve. We got global players in our squad (Gerrard, Suarez, Meireles and Reina) and that will boost the attraction for big players to come to us as will King Kenny remaining at the helm of the club. I just hope we sign the players now so they can adjust to the new team and all get ready for the new season ahead of us!!!!

  24. Sam Kiernan says:

    you see deano when you start putting comments on a LFC website you will get banter. Now why dont you stick to your websites where your probably wondering if Leroy Lita is staying or going..

  25. mravfc says:

    erm villa finished above you last season did we not? you muppet haha

  26. david says:

    Think N’Zogbia will be a great addition Hes a top class player and deserves to play for a top class team. Hes still young and no doubt will peak playing for us on the left where we arent at our strongest. Same goes with Parker. I’ve always felt that we needed someone in midfield with the ability to have a quick turn of pace and hold up the ball. Jay although more inexperience has got similiar qualities but better ball wining skills. I’ll go with Downing…think he’ll fit in Liverpools style of play better. Downing and Zogbia on the left with be a frightening prospect for any defenders, not forgetting Charlie too. Gerard and Johnson on the right… Perfect!

  27. red33pool says:

    not downing please,the name speak for itself mate

  28. red33pool says:

    sorry mate this post here is for the premier league not mickey mouse championship like your midd…what!!!

  29. Deano says:

    Sorry guys just got back from school!

    Did math today, differentiation and calculus, but as hard as I tried, and I used a slide rule, I still could not get Liverpool into Europe…….sorry.

    All the Liverpool fans who know anything about football must be cringing at what some of you clowns are writing.

    BTW Young can’t cross the ball, Downing (my ‘Mate’) can!

    Ha ha! nice to banter with you all off to the Manure site now to see what they are winging on about. Good luck in the transfer market and keep on living in the Twilight Zone.

  30. Burningsunz says:

    guess you’re wrong..brad just signed for liverpool..

  31. Dannyred says:

    Deano sorry to say your sources are absolute shite mate! Brad friedel has just signed a two year deal with Liverpool! He would rather be 2nd fiddle at Liverpool than stay as no 1 at villa!! Can’t say I blame him really Liverpool are on the up and to be fair villa had their best spell with Martin o’neill.

    Yeah Liverpool had one of their worse seasons in a long time but guess what w still finished higher than villa and a lot higher than boro!!

  32. Zahid says:

    There’s only one Deano, one Deano, one Deano and that’s Dean Saunders……YNWA

    ok maybe Dean Windass but he acts like a clown pritty much like Borough fans and their club

  33. Liverpool_living_in_the_past says:

    Your kidding with the article right?

    Downing is negotiating a contract extension right now, and as publicaly stated he is more that happy at Villa.

    Young if being chased by United will move there. If there was a choice between Liverpool and United it’s a no brainer, United all the way.

    If it was a choice between Liverpool and Villa, he would re-sign with us, the old days are gone, no more champs league, and i cannot see you guys getting champs league for a long time to come.

    On King Kenny, was delighted he signed a three year contract; final nail in the coffin as far as i am concerned.

    He likes to buy expensive domestic players. In a way very similar to O’Neil (brilliant)

    He will spend and when it goes tits up, he will walk. I would say, ‘give it three years’.

  34. paul says:

    4 all of those who say liverpool r no longer a big club and that we r a has bin well heres something 4 ye liverpool worlwide r the 4th biggest club in the world behind manchester united,realmadrid,barcelona,so that means were the 2nd biggest in the prem so if were no longer a big club what duz that make the rest of the english teams then u bunch of morons and thats a fact 2 both of those comments 🙂

  35. Coops says:

    Please don’t use that as a comeback dude. Getting you out of a hole, although they only finished 2009/2010 above us, we have finished above them for over a decade. :-]

  36. Deano says:

    last season u tit luke 🙂

  37. Deano says:

    why am i on liverpool site cause i`m a wum 🙂 & in fairness would u spend your time on a dreary boring championship clubs website 🙁

  38. Liverpool_living_in_the_past says:

    Yep, right, so your still the second biggest club in the premiership, which is why Torres left you guys to join Chelsea.

    As i said, you need to get over the past and realise, you are no longer one of the big boys.

  39. Mikey says:

    League position says Liverpool are STILL a bigger club than Villa. Always will be in terms of league titles and cups.

  40. Liverpool_living_in_the_past says:

    The thing is, as a Villa fan we know our short comings and realise were we stand and what is required to improve;

    On the other hand, most Liverpool fans are in self denial and believe that they have the pulling power like they did in the past – i am afraid not.

    And if you going by league positions, then fair enough i’ll give you that, but by the same token:


    are bigger clubs than you guys.

  41. Dom says:

    2009/10 season luke, villa finished 6th and liverpool finshed 7th mate, liverpool are all shit now

  42. jolly says:

    beat that 5 times uero’s champ dude

  43. Ad says:

    Who name drops footballers on the internets? Go eat a pramo and stay out of premier league matter Deano you bellend.

  44. Huh says:

    So who are you like they? because you certainly arent like the clubs who challange for trophies