Date: 22nd May 2011 at 10:28am
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TV psychic Derek Acorah claims he predicted several years ago that Kenny Dalglish would return to the dugout to bring the glory days back to Anfield.

Acorah who used to play for Liverpool Reserves in the days on Shankley spoke to talkSPORT, and that is when he made the revelation.

He said: “His lovely wife came for a private reading at my office with another footballer’s wife.

“In the last part of the reading before the lady stood up I said, ‘You know what I’m getting here? It’s that your husband, Kenny Dalglish, will be coming back to Liverpool to rescue them and he will restore it all.’

“They were my last words to the lady and she’s got that on tape.”

Now, I am not a big believer of psychics but this one seems to be pretty much spot on, well atleast the first part. Yes Dalglish has come back to Liverpool now we just hope the second part of his prediction that ‘he will restore it all’ will hold. If this is true then we will be back in the glory days in now time at all when we will be playing attractive and winning football and picking up trophies left, right and center like we used to.


10 responses to “Psychic predicts glory days will be back at Liverpool”

  1. Simon Borg says:

    Bob Paisley the greatest manager of all time said of Kenny Dalglish he will go n and be a great manager. I second that. Liverpool should have re signed him the day he resigned! YNWA!!

  2. ste says:

    If Dalglish had of come back in the summer of 91, like he should have been offered to, we’d have been pushing 30 titles by now, and man hoof would be lucky to be on double figures, with the long sacked ‘Sir’ Alex, who was getting spat at by man hoof ‘fans’ at home matches around about that time, long since sacked.
    It’s time for Liverpool to restore proper history and repair this travesty thats been allowed to happen.

  3. Bomber25 says:

    The expression on Alex Ferguson’s face after United knocked Liverpool FC out of the FA Cup very much mirrored what Derek Acorah has predicted; the glory days coming back to Liverpool FC under Kenny Dalglish.

  4. ted says:

    The glory days are well and truly back. Number 19 is coming very very soon, maybe even next season.

  5. Rob says:

    I’ll only talk when we actually win something, not before.

  6. colin fry says:

    alex fergusons wife came to see me, and i told here alex will win 25 leauge titles be4 he leaves the dream factory and he will have 6 european cups, and be known as the best manager of all time, but good luck with derek not as if he was found out as a fake last year lmao bit like kenny will next season

  7. frank says:

    Let’s walk the “talk” and not ay dream !

  8. Bill says:

    well he has another accurate prediction, and that is MANU will win the 19 title but it will stop there forever, as for the european cup, the fourth for MANU comes a thousand years later (if the league still exist). Alex F, will die next year.

  9. Bomber25 says:


    I hope the first two predictions stand.

  10. MICHAEL OWEN says:

    Yeah i had to join Sir Alex as i have always wanted to play for him as i have stated publicly,the great chance to pull on the famous red shirt was just to much to reject,still at least i own a premiership medal,maybe Steeve g and Carragher cart-horse can come around my house and look at it.
    19 TIMES.