Date: 20th May 2011 at 8:26am
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Liverpool sold Ryan Babel to Hoffenheim during the January transfer window as he was deemed surplus to requirements. Babel never really got going at Liverpool as he had some moments of brililance and then most of the team he seemed a pretty average player. When Liverpool signed Babel, many of us were excited about the young prospect which some dubbed the new Thierry Henry.

Babel was deployed as a winger for most of his time at Liverpool but he himself preferred playing as a central striker. In both positions he never really looked the part and that resulted in him being offloaded in January. But now Babel has revealed that Steven Gerrard believes the club will regret selling him.

“Liverpool have not made full use of my skills. It was the same under Rafa Benitez as it was with Roy Hodgson. I think Kenny Dalglish would have given me a fair chance. Steven Gerrard was a great inspiration. He often said that I should not give up. When I left Steven also said to me that he was convinced of my qualities and I still can be a big player. ‘Liverpool will regret your departure’, were his last words he said to me.”

Do you think that Liverpool will regret selling Babel? So far Babel has only scored one goal for his new club in 16 games. Doesn’t that go to show that we are not missing him too much?


7 responses to “Will Liverpool regret selling him?”

  1. HM187 says:

    Never!! It was the best thing we did! His attitude stunk! Yes at first he seemed exciting seeing the video captions of what he did in Holland via You Tube and a fee of £11m was a signing of a footballer that should prove good potential. But it never worked and when he did get a run in, his legs were all over the place and his first touch to kill the ball was really bad! At times he showed glimpse of what he is capable of but we can’t have players who just shine a very small % throughout the season. Ronaldo, Messi, Henry, Robben, Ribery do it week in week out and they are around Babel’s age so I don’t regret LFC parting with him. I wish him all the best of luck but look where he is now? If he proved he was worth a first team place then the opportunities given to him he should have enough desire, passion and skill to pull it off. But his morale was low and we don’t need players who are young but have big ego’s. I don’t believe for a second Stevie G would have said that to Babel as I personally think Stevie G was frustrated when Babel had to hold the front line on his own, when Torres was injured and never once ran the defenders tireless. But look at Suarez. Age 22 and look at the difference. He has drive, passion and a huge determination and if he does not play up front he doesn’t moan, he still get’s on with it and provides superb magic to assist many goals. You can’t have 10 men on the pitch you need all 11 to muck in and got that extra yard. I just hope we now sell the rest of the players that just are there for a nice wage packet and just make the squad and recruit players with desire and want to bring back the glory days back to Anfield. So David and Kenny, please no more Babels’ and please bring in more Suarez’s!!!!

  2. lfcman says:

    suarez is 24 still

  3. albey says:

    I have to disagree with HM we never got to see the real Ryan Babel if you check how long the lad was at LFC and see how many games he actually started and how many games he actually came on as a sub I think you may have a diffrent opinion of the lad . Firstly he is not a winger he was a center forward who was put on the wing by rafa who then played ngog as a center forward.secondly I would expect a vast number of pro footballers would have an attitude problem if they were treated like Ryan was. As for HM comparing messi ronaldo and co against Babel is wrong them players were given playing time every game Babel was not and his confidence was shattered by Rafa you could see that when he played he was scared to try anything incase rafa didnt like it I would have no quams that if you were to put Ryan Babel in the Arsenal or man united team you would be kicking your self and I would not be surprised to see Arsenal bring Ryan back to the EPL. My mates lad plays for LFC first team now and he told me Ryan was fantastic in training but was not picked by Rafa so would that not knock your confidence we had a player that was not allowed to full fill his potentila at LFC and we will regret this because we have now got find players to replace Ryan Babel .

  4. albey says:

    Just to let you no HM Ryan Bable apearances for LFC from july 2007 to jan 2011 91 apearances 14 goals

  5. HM187 says:

    Albey – fair comments. I’m just stating a few pointers as to why it was good to let him go. Any may be you are right he could turn out to be a quality player and yes Rafa did knock his confidence but he is not a major threat and hasn’t got the qualities of a real forward. He lacks on how to bring others in play, hold the ball up, skip past players and he did have chances. To be honest I can’t think of any player that has left us and become a better player!!!!

  6. albey says:

    HM Ryan is not an andy carroll type of player he is a player who if fed can burst past defenders when facing their goal and can score he has pace to burn he is right footed and strugled on the left he had to come inside to get the ball on his right foot I really do think you are being a bit harsh on the lad. 91 games in nearly four years and large percentage of them was as a sub . HM can I just point out lucas how every one slaged that lad off and look at him now mate he now feels wanted by the fans maybe just maybe if Ryan felt like that he may of performed a lot better than you feel that he did . I appreciatew your opinon HM but I am just pointing out anothe opinion mate

  7. Liv says:

    I agree with albey. Sry hm. But I have to admit I was one of those who critisice Lucas before. But look how awesome he is now. Great credit to the lad. Utterly ashamed of myself for picking on him before. So pls don’t criticize any Liverpool player as long as they didn’t leave in a negative manner. (like some Spanish c**t) Stevie wouldnt have praised babel if he wasn’t putting in the effort in training. maybe things just didn’t worked out for him.