Date: 20th May 2011 at 3:03pm
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Kenny Dalglish was quizzed today (Friday) at the pre-match press conference about the potential new players Liverpool can expect to get this summer. As expected, Dalglish was very cagey about what he said and did not tell us who Liverpool were planning on buying or selling. But one thing that stood out in what Dalglish said was in relation to the question many of us fans had been pondering over, “Who is incharge of transfers at Liverpool?” Is it Dalglish or Comolli?

Dalglish said, “Regarding players, there’s only one person who can decide that, and that’s the manager. That’s something we need to get our skates on with to make sure we get the right players.”

So if you look closely at that statement, Dalglish has made it clear that he will decide who is signed for Liverpool as he is the manager. I have no problem at all with that and I am actually very happy that that is the fact. Dalglish is in charge of the team and he knows exactly what kind of players Liverpool need. It is up to Comolli to do all the negotiations to try and sign the players Kenny wants and we should not be in a situation where Comolli signs players he thinks are good enough for Liverpool.


3 responses to “Only Dalglish will decide who Liverpool sign”

  1. Voland says:

    I would argue that the there are more nuances to the current situation at Liverpool. Comolli is expected to identify players for the required positions, which he then discusses with Dalglish. Dalglish then can decide which of these players he wants the club to go for, so that Comolli can go out and try to sign the desired players. I would therefore be very surprised if Liverpool were to sign players who are not rated by either Dalglish or indeed Comolli.

  2. charlie says:

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