Date: 19th May 2011 at 2:46pm
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We received the following reasoning from a Norwich fan:

As there continues to be frequent references of Liverpool being ‘knocked off their perch’, I thought I’d once again look to challenge this from a neutral perspective (I’m a Norwich fan and have no preference over Man Utd or Liverpool).

The claim of United now being ‘top dogs’ seems to be based on their extra league title. However, I would argue that it’s necessary to consider a club’s success in all tournaments before arriving at such a conclusion. Further consideration has to be given to the value of each competition (i.e, a Champions League victory is greater than a League Cup victory), therefore to fairly assess who really does sit on the perch, it is necessary to give a priority score to each tournament. The fairest way I could put this was:

European Cup/Champions League = 5 points for each tournament won.
League Champions = 4 points for each title won.
Cup Winners Cup and UEFA Cup = 3 points for each tournament won.
FA Cup = 2 points for each tournament won.
League Cup = 1 point for each tournament won.

I am not including the European Super Cup, Intercontinental Cup, World Club Championship or the Charity Shield, as all are more exhibition matches than proper tournaments.

If you tally Man Utd’s victories in each competition and multiply by the appropriate score, they reach a total of 120 points. They will score 125 if they beat Barca in this year’s Champions League final.

Liverpool on the other hand currently score 127 points, therefore in my completely impartial opinion, Liverpool are yet to be knocked off top spot. Sorry United fans, but Fergie’s work still isn’t done.


5 responses to “Why Liverpool are still sitting on their perch”

  1. FergaL Hunter says:

    Possibly the worst thing ever written by a human being.

  2. margus12 says:

    Loads of Utd fans are crowing about this 19th title as if league titles are the be all and end all to Liverpool fans. When winding up Utd supporters i’ve never seen a Liverpool player hold up 18 fingers! Robbie Fowler et al used to just hold up 4(5 now) fingers and everyone knew exactly what he was talking about. Utd fans aren’t fooling anyone at Liverpool. Yes they’ve overtaken our number of titles won but it’s a while since i’ve seen Liverpool supporters so happy. It was never a race to 19! This race will be going on long after Fergie and all of us are long gone.

  3. margus12 says:

    Only if you’re a deluded Utd supporter. Liverpool are still the best and most successful club in this country! Get over it!!

  4. kevin greenall says:

    wow thats amazing logic u should be on the apprentice,i`m no cactus expert but i know a prick when i see 1

  5. ken08 says:

    Yes and you are that prick !!!