Date: 19th May 2011 at 9:10am
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As we get to the end of the season with only one game left against Aston Villa away on Sunday, Kenny Dalglish has told us that no matter what happens on Sunday, Liverpool have surpassed all expectations.

“They (the players) have played brilliantly since January, gone about their work and surpassed all expectations,” Dalglish said.

“We are dependent on other people now (to finish fifth) when we could have finished it but it has been a fantastic effort to get close.

“We can only look after ourselves.”

I agree with Dalglish 100%. Who can forget in early January when we were languishing at the bottom of the table and sitting just above the relegation zone? Some had even come out and said that Liverpool will do a Leeds and get relegated. To be honest, I was fearing the worst but thankfully Roy Hodgson was released by the club and Dalglish was appointed as manger to save us.

To be honest, in my own opinion, if it were not for Dalglish, we may not be where we find ourselves today. So credit is due to Dalglish for pulling us away from a relegation scrap to edging us to within a whisker of a Europa League place and if we had a few more games left in the season, who knows, we could have clinched a Champions League place.


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  1. HM187 says:

    King Kenny as restored LFC to the old ways! He has done a fantastic job in such a short space of time. The atmosphere around the changing rooms/training grounds have just lifted upon is arrival to the club. Let’s not forget though Steve Clarke has done a fantastic job too along with the new owners and the rest of the staff. Players morales were deeply low when RH was in charge, playing far too much negative football and a team strugling to play decent football. Now the old LFC as we know it ‘pass and move’ has come back and the sprit in the team has boosted! I really hope we go through a good buying/selling summer and hope we get rid of those players that just make the numbers up and don’t even deserve to be wearing that iconic top. if we can get 5-6 top quality players in the areas we are exposed in currently, hopefully we can make a great challenge next season!! YNWA!!!