Date: 18th May 2011 at 4:28pm
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I have never been a fan of having a Director of Football at a club and when I heard that Damien Comolli was taking over that position at Liverpool I was worried. All too often, the role of a manager and a Director of Football are not clarified well and that often tends to lead to the manager feeling that the Director of Football is incharge of him. I certainly hope that we do not have that problem at Liverpool between Comolli and Dalglish. So far the signs look good and we are set to have a fruitful relationship between the two.

Comolli is going to be a critical part of the puzzle this summer at Liverpool as he is going to play a key part in signing new players and getting rid of the dead wood. Comolli has gotten off to a good start so far as he has managed to convince Pepe Reina to stay at Liverpool. Many of us had feared that Reina may leave this summer as he searched to be part of a team that challenged for trophies and titles. Comolli must have told Reina that Liverpool are planning to spend big this summer in order to build a squad that will challenge next season. Whatever Comolli told Reina, it worked as the Spanish stopper said, “Recently I have talked with Comolli, asking about the future, and I believe in the club and this project. I am happy here.”

“We know how much work there is to be done, but I believe we are in the right place and we are going in the right direction. Next season will be more positive.

“The quicker we improve, the better for the club, but we cannot change overnight. The owners are preparing a big summer and hopefully the players that come in will improve the squad.”


6 responses to “What did Comolli say to convince Reina to stay?”

  1. jerry lee louis says:

    dont be a prick like your fellow country men and stay

  2. Simon says:

    Good news that he’s staying but if he wanted to go, let him go. Sick of the power that players have these days, he has around 5 years remaining on his contract so suck it up!!

    We would have gotten £20 million + for him so it’s a win / win situation either way, although may have been a headache position to resolve as we saw with Man U after Schmeichel and Arsenal after Seaman

  3. Rolando says:

    Reins is a legend. Who can blame him at being unhappy with the club. Things have turned around and he has committed. Please don’t compare him to Torres!!

  4. iain says:

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  5. LFCfan says:

    The most stupid website I have ever read so FAR!!!!!

  6. Prince Yaweezy says:

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