Date:17th May 2011 at 7:19am
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I was mad when I saw what a bunch of Manchester United supporters did at Anfield on Sunday before our game with Tottenham. A small group of United fans came to Anfield to rub our noses in it a little bit more following their 19 league title win and they had the guts to unveil an antagonising banner inside the ground that said, ‘MUFC 19 TIMES’. It is understood that the fans had a getaway car waiting for them outside Anfield after they showed off their banner and they mad a quick getaway in conjunction with other United fans on the opposite side of the stadium who took pictures of the banner.

Okay, we started it off by telling them to ‘Come back when they had won 18’ so was this their response to our banner to them in 1994? If it was then it is game on!

If Alex Ferguson used the banner in 1994 to spur his team on to great success then King Kenny will do the same after seeing this MUFC 19 Times banner.

Enjoy sitting on the perch whilst you can Man. United because it is not going to last for long. We are going to knock you off it before you get comfortable!