Date: 17th May 2011 at 3:45pm
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Glen Johnson believes Lucas Leiva has been Liverpool’s best player during a turbulent 2010-11.

“I would say Lucas,” said Johnson, when asked for his Liverpool Player of the Season in this week’s LFC Weekly. “There were rumours at the start of the season that Liverpool were going to sell him but the way he’s performed just shows you how quickly things can change in football.

“At the minute he’s probably one of the first names in the starting 11. He’s won the fans over now for sure, so fair play to him. I’m obviously very pleased for him and his family. He deserves the recognition.”

Do you agree with Glen Johnson with his pick for Liverpool player of the season?


8 responses to ““Lucas is player of the season””

  1. tony says:

    I hated him bought how can a player play so poorly with rafa ?
    But i will the first to say he has proved me wrong great year

    Lucas is welcome now a liverpool fc

  2. SS says:

    It is a tragedy that Lucas is our ‘best’ player. In fact he is the WORST! Watch the Spurs game to confirm!

  3. RedNProud says:

    Over the season Lucas has been our most consistant player and deserving of Player of the Year. When Stevie G was asked who was his player of the year, without hesitation he said “Lucas”. What realy amazes me is that we still have people like SS who think that they know better than Rafa, Kenny, Stevie, Carra and the vast majority of supporters.

  4. roders says:

    I’m no football expert but ive got eyes and ive got ears and all i see when i watch lucas play is a very average, unexciting player and all i hear from fellow football fans is how s~~~ he is. I just don’t get it…why do our players rate him so much???

  5. stone says:

    i think i’ve seen SS and Roders in the Anfield disabled section before,,,i think i saw them at the place where blind people sit!!! I really wish they could have their sight back!!!!

  6. Burt says:


    When was the last time Carrick, Fletcher, Mikel, Makalele, Diarra, Denilson, Song, De jong, Barry excited you? The bloke plays defensive mid and is quite clearly asked to keep the ball moving.


    one bad game makes the guy a bad player huh? Well Stevie Gerrard has had a crap 2 seasons. How do you feel about him?

  7. Will says:

    Well said Burt

  8. Flying pig says:

    Lucas is the player of the year. Like any player, performances are affected by strategic changes and playing Carroll against Spurs was a mistake. Spurs had too much of the ball and it made all of the LFC midfield look poor. If we put aside the flashes of brilliance by Torres and Gerrard over the past few years, the best football we have played as a team has been with Lucas-Spearing-Merelles-Maxi-Kuyt supporting Suarez and Lucas has been excellent in that formation and makes the play easier for his team mates.
    Both Carroll and Gerrard should have to wait to prove their worth before changing this midfield. I believe that the team that crushed Fulham would also have crushed Spurs. That is our best eleven right now by far. Beautiful yet simple pass and move. Use Carroll only when needed.