Date: 16th May 2011 at 8:25am
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Liverpool went down 2-0 to Tottenham yesterday (Sunday) and in all fairness, Spurs were the better team on the day as Liverpool did not seem to get going at all yesterday. But take that away and look at the penalty decision Spurs got to make it 2-0, there is NO way that was ever a penalty but Howard Webb pointed to the penalty spot and awarded Spurs the penalty after Flanagan had a shoulder to shoulder connection with Steve Pienaar.

Many Liverpool fans were quick to get onto Twitter after the game yesterday and started airing their frustrations about Howard Webb. I for one am not a fan of Howard Webb at all, especially when he officiates Liverpool games, we always seem to be on his bad side.

I had never heard of Twitition until today: It is a website designed for people to sign petitions and there is already one up saying:
This is a petition to prevent Howard Webb from officiating any more Liverpool Football Club games. Liverpool have lost 5 out of 7 games under the Scum Ref, 2 of which were against Manchester United who have won 4 out of 4 games with Webb as the ref. He is a c****.

Click here to sign the Twition or click the image below.


34 responses to “Petition to prevent Howard Webb from officiating anymore Liverpool games”

  1. Ally says:

    You are Right ..Howard is a Man-U fan and does not want liverpool to do well.
    Mr.Web should not have awarded a penalty which took the game away from us.

    So F***k * Howard..and get lost.You are overrated

  2. D Hinds says:

    Absolute disgrace

  3. eric junior says:

    fuck! Howard webb is just like a spider web.i don’t know what lfc has done to him that his anger grows towards the club everyday.
    Look mr web,ur club,united have won the 19th title and u’re still jealous of liverpool.

  4. Tony Croft says:

    He should not ref any game at all he is disgrace FULL STOP..

    To Howard Webb I hope the drink from Fergie makes you choke and as for the winning medel you can shove that were the sun don’t shine…

  5. Ben says:

    What we need though is a serious petition, not one that uses bad language (as much as I hate the cheating cunt myself!!). We need this to be taken seriously and enough pressure in the media would make it hard for him to officiate our games anymore. A pure hate campaign won’t achieve this. We’ll just look like chavs!

  6. Zyaad says:

    It should not only be restricted to Liverpool FC, he’s a total disgrace for the refreeing profession (though it seems he is more a sergeant than a ref).
    People like Howard Webb should be banned from all football pitches. Its a pain to see such unprofessionalism being displayed week in week out and the Football Association not taking any measures to raise the level of refreeing in the Premier League.
    It does not make any sense to have millions of fans over the world supporting their teams, some paying for stadium tickets, others for for tv licences, thus injecting millions into a football club, only to have the football matches spoilt by amateurish refs. When will the FA realise that refs are party to the ultimate show and they cannot stay in a semi-pro status. The ref job should be professionalised ASAP, for the sake of the game.

    LFC Fan

  7. Sim says:

    this is totally shitface of howrdwebb.he really is man u fan somemore he’s only respect for the SIR only.go n learn how to become a good refree.he’s damm suck.shame to english FA to have this lowgrade refree in their side.

  8. proud-scouse says:

    the only way to express our own words and thoughts is to
    send emails to fifa give yours reasons this is the email
    address you can use –

    liverpool fans and other fans must join in on the act to stop this repeat over the way howard webb as treated liverpool players and fans he as also done the same to chelsea fc its not just liverpool that have been taken for a great ride …all the man utd supporters and players have been twitting about the 19th cup even wayne rooney infront of a mirror with the number 19 on his chest i can also confirm too many man utd fans have made insults on yahoo also msn – see for your self now this is the best bit two people who support manchester utd works for the fa also over the last few days a few morning news papers said each game that howard webb as done man utd as won 10 times under him so this now shows why fifa is all utd …something must be said and we need to act quick put a end to all this webb sign the petition and lets show fifa we mean it !! send this petition to other fans that dont like howard webb !!!

  9. ste says:

    There needs to be a full and public enquiry into the refereeing of Man Hoof macthes going back to the start of the Premiership in 1993, when all that money started flooding into Football ever so coincidentally Man Hoof started becoming successful, they’ve had refs in their pocket for donkeys years!!.

  10. edward says:

    Webb is un certain.True guys let him be banned in officiating pool matches

  11. Daniel Alemu Mekuria says:

    Those spiers(utds.)trap the cops using their web.Let’s tear it once again!!!!

  12. YNWA says:

    Webb has made some very poor and rash decisions particularly against liverpool this season. I think he needs to be stood down indefinitely from not only liverpool matches but the big matches of english football and europe !!!!

  13. Andrew says:

    I agree with what is being said but I think 100,000 Liverpool fans signing something worded so crassly and with expletives will leave LFC’s great fans in a bad light. A little like idiots who burn our great shirt.

  14. Andrew says:

    I agree entirely and have written a similar comment

  15. Livmad says:

    Mr Webb is celebrating for manure now, that’s for sure. What a joke. Webb made British football a joke. We LFC fans in Malaysia, Asia and perhaps the rest of the world, have been following every Liverpool games live, and with Webb officiating LFC games, he had disgraced the officials and BPL in general and the game a joke to watch. Shame on you Webb.

  16. Harold says:

    Webb is an anti liverpool for sure.And I think he is a Manchester United supporter, as soon as I see that he is going to be the referee for our game ,I get a big shook as I am almost certain that it is going to be a game lost.He s**** and F***

  17. hilmi says:

    I think we should petition for Webb to officiate all of Man Utd matches instead. That way it will be obvious to the FA and all that he always helps them to win matches thru dubious decisions against opposing teams.

  18. James says:

    Webb!he is a trap intended for preventing lfc progress,each moment he refs our games i see controversy,he and co are the ones who distrupt the game a tribunal must be formed to investigate who allows,command,order and instruct him to do so,shame on you coward

  19. melaku says:

    Webb is Bull of man.u supporter and anti liverpool. He is arrogant. He is not inocent for his work. Dirty b/c he is not understand back of his bad decisions 42152 audience paid enterance payment looking for fair

  20. GW says:

    Webb let De Jong do a kung fu kick on Alonso in the world cup final(He bottled it) along with letting the Dutch try to hack their way to a win. Back in The Permiership he blows for a gust of wind blowing Berbatov over and then decided that Football is non contact by blowing Flanagan for a shoulder charge. He’s a disgrace . And he is supposed to be a top ref!!!! Sunday League is about his level.

  21. Adam says:

    If it was just the penalty decision I would say over reaction as a bad decision can be made by any ref. But failure to not at least book Pinear after taking kuyts legs out from under him from behind and the fact Howard web twice blocked Spearing getting to the ball (one time wouldve lead to a Liverpool counter attack). Then you got the past history, its clearhe is anti-liverpool.

  22. Apple says:

    What do you expect from this so called the best Ref from England as claimed by Alex Fuckgeson. The Ref body for English FA is located in Manchester and this Webb is of course the Devil fan and will always try to kill Liverpool in order to help the Devil to clinch the title. I thought Ryan Babel was honest enought to Tweet Webb photo in MU jersey. This Swine do not realize this and we need to pray this this swine be out of this world to give this game a fair judgment. Who knows he bet on MU to win the title that make him always against other teams like Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea.

  23. Clyde says:

    Petition? What a stupid suggestion! You might as well propose that football do away with any referees and simply let the players own up to their own misdemeanours.

  24. Pepe says:

    I am a Liverpool fan and I am with Clyde. Please do not write an article for the sake of writing one. Write something with substance that is worth reading.

  25. daratoda says:

    Damn right!!! I agree with you. Webb show every moment the hatefulness to liverpool.How come FA can ignore it?

  26. Davie says:

    Webb was the Ref at the WC Final,he showed what a discrace he was theyre didnt he! I for one think hes due a visit to Specsavers to get his peepers tested.

  27. Lee says:

    I’m a Liverpool fan and I think most of you are fellow idiots. Spurs were the better team, it was a penalty and fortunately for us, we won’t have to play in that crappy Mickey Mouse cup next year.

    We should write a petition to stop you lot dragging our club down to your scummy levels

  28. william rimmer says:

    Get the MBA off him,Manc scum.

  29. Sean says:

    It is good to see I am not the only one who knows that we are on 19 titles and Man Utd are on 18 titles. Because when I remember two seasons back Man Utd must have won about 10 to 15 points from dodgy decisions from the referees.

    The sad thing is your petition doesnt go far enough. Not only do you have to stop Howard Webb, one of a number of refs who constantly give Man U dodgy decisions, from refereeing Man Utd Games, but you also have to stop them from refereeing games where their nearest challengers are playing. Every time Arsenal got close to United, they copped dodgy decisions in their games. And it happens year after year. And the Man Utd loving press just sing their praises, and pay no attention to dodgy call after dodgy call that helps to get them out of jail. I cant count the amount of times they were drawing a game, and then they get 5 or 6 minutes injury time. 7 minutes was the record against Manchester City.

    It is really turning me off the game. I could put half of their titles being won due to refereeing decisions over the season. They are not the greatest team in England. Just the most loved and supported by the FA and the press.

  30. albey says:

    Watching the match on sunday with howard web as ref I knew straight away that we would lose the match and this is how I feel every time web is the ref of a Liverpool fc match home or away. On sundays game if the FA rewatch the game they will see all the basic mistakes web made during the match . I believe his plan was to stop the game at every opporunity thus killing Liverpool,s momentum which he did he got his major decisions wrong firstly the penalty he did not consult with his lines man he was actually waiting to blow for the penalty if you look back on the replay.web knew at one nil we had a chance of coming back and drawing or even wining the game secondly if he thought that flano fouled peinar why didnt he book him and send him off which are the rules.Then there were the constant fouls on suarez and on caroll which went un punished but the worst one was peinar on kuyt it was from behind he took kuyts legs did not touch the ball in the rules tackling from behind are out lawed in football and if commited it is a straight red card their rules ! I am not taking anything away from Spurs who played very well but you do find it very hard playing aginst 12 men. During the season watching the uefa cup matches I have seen web ref matches and he has booked or sent off players for tackles like peinars on kuyt and I have seen him not give stone wall penaltys I have seen him blow his whistle when a player has brushed past another and the player has fell to the floor so all the FA have to do is look at the tapes of the EPL and Europe matches he has took charge of the evidence is there for the FA and uefa and fifa to act. This person is trying to take on the graham poll mantel he should of been banned when de jong tackled Alonso in the world cup final that was the worst tackle I have ever seen. This arogant upstart should not be allowed to ref at any level ever again .

  31. Paul says:

    Couldn’t of put it better myself. Get a grip. Embarrassment. Back in the day ferguson made similar claims about coming away from Anfield with nothing due to the referees. Congratulations in emulating that shower from down the East Lancs rd.

  32. Gas Hassan Ali says:

    I absolutely agree that Howard Webb had made massive error by awarding penalty for Spurs. He also made lot of mistakes in the premier league and world cup. I personally believe that he should stopped officiating Liverpool games.

  33. mancred says:

    bitter scouse twats

  34. macros says:

    hahaha howard webb horay, he is still in epl and the manc will win the league. Horay.. Fergie own FA. mupets pupets