Date: 9th May 2011 at 9:06am
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West Bromwich Albion manager Roy Hodgson is angry that he was sacked so early on in his Liverpool career. Hodgson had a poor six months in charge at Liverpool before being relieved of his duties in January.

The 63-year-old’s Anfield failure has been followed by a successful second half of the season where he has guided West Brom to Premier League safety.

“I would like to have thought that people wouldn’t have made judgments on good and bad in the space of months,” he said on Friday.

“I always remain positive. I think that in a career that has been as long as mine I’m very satisfied with it myself and I don’t follow the headlines.”

“If there are headlines suggesting I’m not very good or headlines that I am very good, I take it all with the same pinch of salt.”

“It’s a sad indictment of a 36-year career that after one period which is less than successful, people are making judgments about your ability.”

“It makes it a pretty sad world for us people and professionals working in it.”

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18 responses to “Roy Hodgson is angry with Liverpool”

  1. ALLAN says:

    So agrees with the board he was’nt successful and that’s why he was sacked.

  2. Larsen Smith says:

    We never said Roy was not good!, we only said Roy was not good enough for Liverpool!


  3. fmisntreal says:

    you should never have been given the job, you were never the right fit for liverpool and liverpool was never the right fit for you. the job is for a select few and you my friend are destined to save teams from relegation or to put them there but not to win titles.

  4. Bargeass says:

    Shut up Woy. Kenny has done in three months what you would not have been capable of in 3 years. With the limited knowledge of football that you have, even with your “34 years of experiance” ‘cough’, you were not able to motivate a group of highly skilled individuals to perform the way they should.
    Stick to dire ultra defensive bs and leave the big boys play real football. You belong with the lower tier teams, battling it out in the relegation zone you twat. At least then your dire tactics can be excused for poor performances.

  5. Pete Gill says:

    Woy is a very good mid table manager. His tactics and players are suited to that level.

    Doesnt mean he is a bad manager he was just the wrong guy in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  6. Alan says:

    Fully agree! We never said he was not good, he is just not a big team manager., Great for keeping teams up . West Brom, Fulham!

  7. Desy Boy says:

    You’re just Neil Warnock in a suit Roy. Matter of fact Neil Warnock has arguably had more success. Let it go. It was a horrific episode of ineptitude and irresponsibility that we’re all glad is over. You’re at your rightful level now and we’re on the way to ours. Nothing more to be said.

  8. Towson Tom says:

    Pass the salt Roy! and well done at WBA.

  9. rowan says:

    Deluded old codgeson still refuses to admit he was shit house.
    He has returned to his level at WBA and should be happy about that. Only men in suits with no love for club employed him, and he should realise it is they who are to blame for all this, not the fans of LFC.
    Hodgson pips souness and the evans/GH partnership as the worst management we’ve had as long as i can remember.
    mumbling old fool did NOTHING good for us.

  10. Kevin says:

    With no disrespect to Roy, no only should he not have been given the job but more importantly he shouldn’t have accepted it. He knew the club was in the process of finding new owners and he knew Kenny had thrown his hat into the ring. He might of said ‘well, dalglish wanted it but the owners want me’. The problem is the fans didn’t want the owners who appointed him either. It was an absolute shocker of a decision by Hodgson and I’m sure he appreciates that more than anyone. The fact his 36 yr career had never seen him linked with any of the top jobs made him over eager to sign on the dotted rather than think about what he was walking into. The other names mooted out, who’d all careers at the top, distanced themselves respectfully from the running knowing that in the circumstances it was a poisoned chalice. So I would suggest that what has happened since he left has serve only to prove that a) the fans sometimes do know what they’re talking about and b) if hodgson has anyone to be angry with he should look no further than the mirror.

  11. RedNProud says:

    Woy’s record as a manager is good but nothing special and he had never managed a top team but he believed (and still does) that as a manager he is on a par with the likes of Alex Fergcuntson, Jose Moanrinho, Harry Redcrapp and Rafa. He got so caught up in this fanasy that he said we should judge him after 10 games, we did and he had failed in every sense of the word.

    His tactics were negative, interviews were embarrassing and his comments alienated the players and fans. It was never his fault because the fans didn’t give him a chance, Rafa left him a poor squad or the players weren’t good enough.

    He was wrong about the the fans as most were prepared to give him the benifit of the doubt and if he had not openly criticised them he would have enjoyed more support and respect. And King Kenny has certainly has certainly proved that he was wrong about the squad and players.

    Ultimately his biggest failure was that he couldn’t understand the culture of the club, it’s fans or the city.

  12. Lfc4life says:

    It’s because of what Roy did in his little time with us, that we won’t be playing champions league footy next year….

    Also losing to Roy at west brom will be the defining point in our non qualification!

    We are likely to fall short by 2 points or so….

    Thanks for nothing Roy !

  13. stan howard says:

    roys problem was he thought he only had to please the owners ! he still talks about us pro’s as though the fans know nothing, well the liverpool fans know more than he will ever know. we know success top quality football, west brom are welcome to his mediocrity and unwarrented arrogance.

  14. joe says:

    OK we probably didn’t give him as long as most managers but a club like Liverpool cannot afford to give managers the time to flirt with relegation..end of debate.

  15. che says:

    Roy Hodgson is going to be the new Man United Manager… He is going to take the reigns from Fergie…

  16. Dede says:

    I agree he’s good for small clubs him complaining that six months was little time how many months has did King Kenny need to revitalize the team.

  17. Resolite says:

    My Saturday’s are free from those post match interviews. You know the one’s where you would rather be dancing with John Prescott in a slow dance. I thank the powers that be everyday for making the decision to let old Roy be on his way. This guy has not achieved anything of note and even as a gentleman he appears to be, cenile rushes to the front of my mind and agree with all the comments above about fighting relegation clubs and mid table clubs. Thanks for trying Roy and getting the 2-2 draw with spurs.

  18. Hugh Yao says:

    “I would like to have thought that people wouldn’t have made judgments on good and bad in the space of months,” he said on Friday.

    look, you were in charge for six months, and kenny for five months. we can all tell who did a better job. so WTF are you whining about.