Date: 8th May 2011 at 12:00pm
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Was Michael Jackson black or white? What came first, the chicken or the egg? And is Daniel Blazer the sexiest man ever (that’s me by the way)? All these questions have split people for years, and the question of whether we should introduce goal line technology is no different. Harry Redknapp was the latest manager to call for the revolutionary technology after seeing his Spurs side fall foul to yet another goal that wasn’t in their weekend game against Chelsea. After continual mistakes that can prove so costly to a team’s season, surely the FA should go rogue, like a typical young renegade cop in a Hollywood film, and implement the technology regardless of FIFA’s opinion on the matter. But why hasn’t the FA done this?

We all know the ‘reasons’ FIFA has given us for not bringing in the technology. ”The application of modern technologies can be very costly, and therefore not applicable on a global level, the game must be played in the same way no matter where you are in the world.” (Sepp Blatter) But this isn’t really a valid point when so many other sports, such as rugby and cricket, are at a global level and yet use the technological advancements with nothing but positives coming from its use, so why are they so scared to join the list of so many other worldwide sports that use the aid of technology?

The FA continually say that it is out of their hands, football is a world game and the rules have to be the same throughout; I suppose there is a valid argument here, because one of the beauties of football is that it is the same game that we play as adults or children, amateurs or professionals. Yet could the same not be said of the use of better quality footballs, or a well-kept pitch as opposed to a Sunday League mud-bath? Surely another side to the coin is also that the technology will really benefit the other big talking point in football at the moment, ‘respect for referees’. Taking away sole blame from the officials in cases such as Lampard’s recent goal, a goal that could cost Spurs £30 million and win Chelsea the title, would surely benefit the state of the game as a whole at the risk of slightly annoying the governing body that is FIFA.

The FA have control over all aspects of how the game is played and ruled, however their failure to introduce goal line technology in a time where we are cloning sheep, travelling around on trainers with wheels and booking tourist flights on spaceships yet to be built highlights the inertia within the FA. Is the ultimate issue one about maintaining power for the FA, because the camera never lies, so on the big decisions will they matter? Or are they just a ‘bunch of Luddites’.

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2 responses to “Should the FA introduce goal line technology?”

  1. Lewis Chandley says:

    The trouble for me is, do you not feel there is something good about the debate that goes on surrounding decisions? also some events happen for the good because of the nature of human mistakes, i.e. man city getting into europe, chelsea perhaps winning the league, and don’t forget England winning the world cup.

    The trouble with the whole, refs decide our season is, was Lampard’s goal at the world cup was decisive, I’ve never seen a worse performance at a world cup, if England had of even tried it would have been better than that utter shite.

    Tottenham not getting into the champions league, to be honest Tottenham are shite at the moment, they are on a terrible run, and winning games that are there for the taking in the first place would have placed them in a champions league place.

    My point is, yes its terrible when the ref fucks up, and your team lose because of it. But isn’t the debate interesting, and when your team get a cheeky goal amazing.

    The counter point will be linear to my point about teams winning on merit, and that human error should have no factor in high stakes league matches or any. Well thats a very good point and why stop at just goal line tech? Ive got a funny feeling that If goal line technology comes, more will eventually flow in.

    If your team should have won they would have won on merit, ie newcastle liverpool and Man U liverpool. At no point were refs brought into the limelight, why? because liverpool won on merit, and well basically, I like the debate.

    Further debating points

    Harry Redknapp moans at every possibility, when his team are not winning?
    How many titles do you think have gone man U’s way because of dodgy goals?


  2. William Webster says:


    Kinda “Should we make a car that doesn’t use oil?”

    If the technology is available, why wouldn’t we use it? If we use computers to help the players get:

    -Back to fitness
    -More effective training
    -The correct diet
    And so on…..

    Why not to help the referees do a better job, at least at the top level? Everybody would have answered different if the question was: “Would you like the referees to get it right more often?”

    I’m a long term lover of the game that I grew up playing at an ok level in the 80s. Although I have to admit that even before resent events (CL), I had lost much respect for a lot of the overpaid “primadonnas” we today have to suffer trough, just 4 the love of the game. I’m not saying all, but a few of these kids are getting to be quite a handful. I think maybe some of them even would have benefitted from a trip to the old woodshed for a good old spanking.

    In that retrospect I count myself lucky to be a LFC fan these days.

    I’m just saying. With the importance we are putting into the game these days. Its pretty lame making TV-debates about the bad quality of the referees, while we are arguing against equipping them with better tools. The only excuse we can come up with is the human factor is so charming.

    Utter Rubbish YNWA