Date: 4th May 2011 at 11:03am
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John Arne Riise has refused to rule out a return to Liverpool as the club continues to search for a left-back. Riise will enter the final year of his contract at Roma in June and the Italian club could listen to offers as a consequence. Reports have suggested that Kenny Dalglish could look to sign Riise, who departed Liverpool when Rafa Benitez was manager in 2008, as a solution at left-back.

Riise said, “I am flattered by reports linking me with a return to England. Liverpool are close to my heart. They are a great club and I have some good memories. I have a contract here (Roma) until June 2012, so you never know.”

Riise is 30 years old now and that would not be in line with the new club policy of buying young talent. I believe Liverpool can find better left-back options on the market instead of Riise. There is no doubt that Riise is one of the finest left-backs the club has had but he had his time and we should move on and not look to sign him again.

Should Liverpool re-sign Riise?

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9 responses to “Should Liverpool re-sign Riise?”

  1. Nik Gresham says:

    Er no…………..

  2. Nik Gresham says:

    who came up with this? his agent perhaps.

  3. tony says:

    riise will be a quality squad signing not our number 1 left back if we get enrique that would b left back sorted

  4. As 4 me, John Arne Riise still has it at his age. I will love 2 see him back at anfield. Alan smith wil tel u why he wil nt like 2 meet him anymore

  5. DaveWestAus again says:

    When will people come to their senses! JAR had a fantastic carrier at Anfield, but we all have to realise that he(after all his fantastic times a LFC),is a finished ‘product’as far as the ‘premiership’ is concerned!,and FANS should not be hiping him up,ready for him to return! If people want to retain their memories of him,then they should remember him for what he was!IT COULD BE A BAD MISTAKE TO BRING HIM BACK ?????

  6. sb says:

    he was a legend at LFC, i think he was always underestimated when he was here, better as a left mid thn left back in my opinion.

    I think we should get him back, let him finish his career and move him into backroom, he has the passion for lfc.

  7. my own suggestion is dat, i think we should sign him back to liverpool. john arne riise is an effective player, he has all the creativity in him. back to the days he played in livpool, my second suggestion is the case of Andy Carroll he is not an effective stiker, he has no force, he has no speed. very weak & dull. he is not a treat to defenders. do u know dat if a quality strike is moving to meet a defender, that defender will be scared to tackle him. but if Andy Carroll is moving wit the ball defenders will be happy to tackle him bcos they know he has no creativity in him. so i think we should sale him back. and get a better striker.

  8. Mona says:

    i’m atalculy a part of it on my other journal, this is just the one that i post pictures and stuff on for people back home.I’ll post on castlekids soon though!