Date: 4th May 2011 at 10:09am
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Following yesterdays (Tuesday) Champions League second leg semi-final between Barcelona and Real Madrid which ended 1-1, Christiano Ronaldo has come out and said that Javier Mascherano learnt how to dive at Barcelona as he never did that at Liverpool. “Javier Mascherano wasn’t like this at Liverpool. He must have learned all these cheating tricks at Barcelona,” Ronaldo said. This comes after Real Madrid had a goal disallowed when Mascherano apparently dived and was awarded a free-kick before Gonzalo HiguaĆ­n thought he had scored for Real Madrid.

I watched this game last night and I must say that Barcelona players were going down a bit too easily but it is to be expected in the game today. All too often we have players diving all over the place with minimal contact and spoiling the game. Whether Mascherano dived last night, I am not too sure, but it did look like he exaggerated his fall.

What caught my attention though in the game last night is that Mascherano was playing as a central defender for Barcelona due to their injury crisis. Mascherano has struggled to make the starting line-up at Barcelona when all the players are fit so I guess he jumped at the chance to play as a central defender when called upon to do so. Credit to Mascherano, he had a decent game in that position. I recall him being asked to play at right-back at times at Liverpool and he did well there but he was never asked to play as a central defender. With the way Mascherano is so short, it amazed me why Real Madrid did not start the game with Adebayor upfront as he would have towered over Mascherano.

Finally these El Classico games are over now as there was too much tension and fighting between the two teams that was spoiling the game of football that we all love. But Real Madrid will continue to feel hard done by as seen below.


6 responses to “Mascherano learnt to dive at Barcelona not Liverpool”

  1. Carrard says:

    How can this cunt Ronaldo, who dives more than anyone else, complain about diving??? He should look after himself first and shut up!
    Example: CR dived, fell on the heels of Mascherano (which is a foul) and complains about diving… Simply idiotic!

  2. Steve says:

    Mascherano was an embarrassment though..

  3. stedared says:

    Thought exactly the same last night and with the 1st leg, barca going to the floor every other pass. Then 3mins of flowing football an bang a goal comes at the end. There work rate to get the ball back then force the foul. I thought masch had been shot last night but then seen the re play masch knew he wasn’t able to reach higuaine an went down. Don’t like to say it but the supposedly best team in the world might get a shock from the scum come the final but still believe barca will win. Next season though I would like to see some teams gettin in there face with really high tempo as after Madrid did last night barca could do nothin but force a foul to break up play.

  4. Saj says:

    The “special one” is after all not special anymore. Kah Kah Kah…….. Remember which manager was cautioned for causing his own players to purposely get shown the red card? That is cheating as well, isn’t it?

  5. Jamie says:

    It’s Brazilian Ronaldo not portugese

  6. ikcl says:

    I would guess we’d all agree he was much the same when at pool?! Always a great player when he played, but he’d make you want to tear your hair out with the antics he got up to!