Date: 28th April 2011 at 1:59pm
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Some Liverpool fans are starting to get a bit frustrated now about the future of Kenny Dalglish. A large majority of us want him to stay on for the next three to five seasons as manager on a permanent basis but the FSG and Mr. Henry have not offered Kenny Dalglish a permanent contract yet. Are they waiting for the summer or are they actually looking elsewhere for a new manager? I certainly hope Dalglish is going to be the next permanent manager at Liverpool especially after what he has done for the club this season after taking over from Roy Hodgson.

There has been speculation that Liverpool are lining up a move for Porto’s manager, Andre Villas Boas. The 33 year old is one of the finest young managers in the game today and he has done very well at Porto but he is not the manager Liverpool need right now. Thankfully Andre Villas Boas has come out and said, “There are incredible stories. Supposedly I said no to Roma because I was going to Liverpool. It’s absurd. The speculation is natural, given what this team has been doing. But it is still false information.”

So if the FSG were trying to line up a move for Villas Boas ahead of King Kenny, then that plan is not going to happen. Come on now Mr. Henry, go on and give Dalglish the contract he deserves!


4 responses to “Who needs Villas Boas when you have Dalglish?”

  1. rob says:

    Dont worry mate. Dalglish to stay on for at least another decade. We’ll get on top of another perch.

  2. yes will need it because liverpool want to win the premier league next season i want kenny dalglish to be like adviser to he he will bring player like castraon to liverpool up liverpool will never walk alone

  3. Mike Roberts says:

    Nice one Rob ! You summed it all up in one ! Dalglish too stay for at least 10 years , and why not ? If Alex Ferguson can do it and Bobby Robson then why not our King Kenny 🙂
    I am a bit worried though about FSG not Appointing him yet ! Surley they are not going to be stupid and over look him . If they do then it will not only break Kenny’s heart but it will break millions of Liverpool fans hearts across the world . Sort yourselfs out FSG and appoint him now !!!

  4. Reghan says:

    We’ll hopefully win our 19th league title as early as next season with Sir Kenny Dalglish as manager. I think a late Chelsea charge for the title and defeat by Manutd at the Emirates should keep our record intact until WE BREAK IT AGAIN AT THE END OF NEXT SEASON. THE PERCH IS OURS FOR GOOD FOR KEEPS FOR EVER LIVERPOOL RULES.