Date: 19th April 2011 at 9:48am
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Jack Robinson was called on by Kenny Dalglish in Sundays game against Arsenal to replace the injured Fabio Aurelio. This was not Robinson’s debut for Liverpool as his debut came when he was only sixteen, in the final two minutes against Hull City in the final game of last season’s Premier League campaign. It made him the youngest player to ever play in the league for Liverpool, a record that he still holds today.

When Robinson was getting ready to come on the field on Sunday, Dalglish called the youngster over and he had a chat with him and Dalglish was laughing as he spoke to the lad. He was clearly having a joke with Robinson to try and relax him as he was about to go onto the field and face Theo Walcott. Only King Kenny would be able to tell you a joke whilst you are probably as scared as hell.

What do you think Kenny Dalglish said to Jack Robinson?


4 responses to “[Video] What did Dalglish say to Jack Robinson before he came on against Arsenal?”

  1. trigger says:

    He told him “I bet you didn’t think you would be playing today. Well, instead of doing homework tonight after the game you going to be tired from casing Theo around the field”


  2. das says:

    Dont be scared, this will be the easiest game you will play in your career

  3. King Kong says:

    What are the implications on this? 1. Young players in the academy will think they have a chance in future and will be motivated and work extra hard. 2. Current youngsters will give senior players a run for their money. 3. Those benchers will know their time is up and should be looking for a new club. 4. It gives football a new breath of fresh air. 5. The fans will see this as the old/new Liverpool way and are happy and motivated despite the performance. 6. The decision to put youngsters will put LFC in a no-lose all to gain situation – if we lose we are a young team, if we draw or win, the future of the club is bright. Overall: Kenny is a master of tactics, strategist, motivator and man-manager. Absolutely brilliant. As a fan, it got me buzzing again.

  4. rajiv says:

    he said “either do me proud or i will break ever fking bone in your body haha”