Date: 7th March 2011 at 10:43am
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We are all still enjoying Sunday’s win over Manchester United and I do not want to take the gloss off that game in any way but I have a question I have asked myself following the game on Sunday, “When was the last time Steven Gerrard played a good game for Liverpool?”

Gerrard’s performances this season have not been what we are used to. The form of the team as a whole early on in the season under Roy Hodgson did not help ‘Captain Fantastic’ at all and coupled with niggling injuries and suspensions, Gerrard has been looking very average this season. Or have we simply come to expect too much from him after his brilliance the last couple of seasons where at times he has literally carried the team on his own back? Have his legs given in now and he can not make those bursting runs and rocket launching shots anymore?

Sunday’s game against Manchester United was one of Gerrard’s better games of the season. He did not stand out as he did in the past as this time round the whole team played well. Gerrard did have two shots in Sunday’s game which came close and that kind of reminded us of what he can do. It may be a good thing for Liverpool going forward in the future that we do not have to solely rely on him.

Some circles will say that Gerrard has been affected by dropping back into central midfield, a role which does not bring out the best in him as he is better suited to playing behind the striker.

There are a lot of debates and arguments that can be raised as to why we have not seen the best of Gerrard this season and I would like to hear yours.


17 responses to “When was the last time Steven Gerrard played a good game for Liverpool?”

  1. Tgan says:

    He played well enough for a player half-fit, don’t you think?????

  2. RedMist!!! says:

    Still looks injured to me!

  3. FatJanMolby says:

    To be fair to him, he did what he was asked to do yesteray which was to sit deeper, not make his usual forward runs, be a little more defensive than he usually is and allow Raul and Maxi the room to move forward to support Kuyt. Between him and Lucas, they dominated Man Utd’s midfield. I thought it was a good controlled performance and he should be doing more of that if he is going to play in central midfield from now on.

  4. pine says:

    forget gerrard.. when has maxi EVER played a good game for us

  5. Chunky says:

    You will find that as the rest of the team return to their form and ability any one player will simply be ” a member of the team” as it were. Thankfully we might hope that the days of there being one or two players “carrying” the team are disappearing. That he blends in is surely better for us than he is a prominent target for opposition?

  6. andrew says:

    give stevie a break, he’s been carrying the team on his bareback for a long time. now that we have the proper players, it’s time he get some ‘rest’ he’s entitled to a few bad days…

  7. Towson Tom says:

    I think its true Stevie is a little below his normal game, but against Man U it would be really dificult to stand out in a team that played well all over.

  8. Neb says:

    I think gerrards performance at anfield on Sunday was top notch..he did more than enough and made man utds midfield pairing of carrick and scholes look rather lacklustre.

    As much as I love watching gerrard take the team by the scruff of the neck and singlehandedly bring them back from the jaws of defeat, I think his new role within the team means that he only ever has to do that occasionally, or that is the hope. To me watching kuyt and Suarez and Merielies all chime in together to dismantle the defence of the opposition is a sight for sore eyes, and add Carroll into the mix and it’s only looking better, and I can’t wait for the one game where all our attacking players really gel together because at that point watching gerrard orchestrating the symphony would just make all our hearts sing…so here’s to better days, even if it means gerrard no longer has to be as dominate as he once had too.

  9. Sid says:

    He is playing good football.

    It’s just that after the arrival of Raul and departure of Masch, his role has changed.

    Now he isn’t playing in that free role, instead he’s more of a play-maker + game breaker!

  10. MoKo says:

    It’s really difficult with Gerrard because it’s not clear what to compare him against. if we test him against the average prem midfielder he will come out on top. If we comapre him to the standards he set with his own form then he’s definitely gone down.

    I think he’s in the John Barnes situation. Once a dyanamic force for destruction his physical attributes bow no longer carry him as they used to. He’s in the process of redefining himself as a player. Right now it’s still difficult to see how he will turn out. Hopefully he settles into a new style of play that will allow him to be as influential as he was previously.

    What kind of player will he become and what kind of contribution do you think he can make going forward?

  11. butch says:

    Form is temporary; class is permanent

  12. MoKo says:

    Class wins admiration. Form wins matches!

    • Aravind says:

      gerrard to Liverpool is like cricket player sachin is to india.. if we have had one or 2 average games or nt score great goals fans wud complain as that in case of sachin if he didnt score century or half century 2or 3 games everyone will he is not in form
      but think scorin centuries is not common and like wise Liverpool should not expect gerrard 2 win all the games 4 them. as he was been like supernatural 4 many years dont criticize if he has some normal games
      As he is playin wit humans……rate his play accordingly…and i dont think gerrard need 2 b at his bst 4 playin against these ‘human ‘players

      • pier says:

        You are right!
        I fully with you.
        Huamn is not machine. We dun perform like machine. Human makes mistakes like Gerrard. EVen MU’s best player like Nani or Carragher make mistakes. If Nani is Liverpool player, his assist on SUnday might be consider one of the best assist of the season or even chosen as Man of the Match for Liverpool…hahahah

  13. Aravind says:

    Average gerrard = best of all the premierleague players………………….so y worry he s nt at his best!

  14. pier says:

    Gerrard never disappoint in every match he played for Liverpool or England .
    Mayb his goal ratio is down but his contributions in every match shouldn’t be questions. Mayb the nagging injuries he is carrying now affects his sharpness. On his best days, his two powerful shots would ended in the net on MU instead of missing the goal post by inches on Sunday afternoon.

  15. Zanobea says:

    Gerrard has been through alot he is just having a bad season. He will come up again and be the player he was and always will be. He is under alot of stress since last years world cup, with all the rumors and everything else and every one putting straign on him. He is coming up becoming his old self again. People should’nt put alot of presure on him.