Date:14th February 2011 at 2:45pm
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I can not stand Manchester United! The fact that they are top of the league and on the path to winning number 19 does not sit well at all with me. I watched their game on Saturday against Manchester City and I hoped that City would beat them but it was not meant to be! I guess you can not trust City to go out and do a mans job! We will have to do it ourselves when United come to Anfield and hope that Arsenal can be serious enough this time and actually pip United to win the league.

What I can not stand right now is how Manchester United supporters are going on and on about how amazing Rooney’s goal was. Yes it was a great strike but let us not get carried away and say that it is ‘the best goal they have ever seen’ (which is what many United fans are saying).

So to all United fan’s please put a lid on it, it was a good goal but Peter Crouch scored an even better over head goal for Liverpool against Galatasary and he did the same again against Bolton.