Date:14th February 2011 at 1:54pm
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AC Milan’s Andrea Pirlo becomes a free agent this summer and the possibility of him leaving AC Milan and trying his luck in a foreign league is great. There is no doubt that Pirlo has been one of the best midfielders of his generation. He has won almost every title the game has to offer.

At 31 years old, Pirlo would be seen as a surprise signing for Liverpool if they do indeed think of signing him for free in the summer. Liverpool’s new transfer policy is signing young players which is great for the future, but one always needs these one or two experienced heads on the field. Liverpool tried to sign Van Bommel from Bayern Munich but he opted to go to AC Milan. That just goes to show that Mr. Henry and team will look at signing an experienced head if he is available on the cheap and if he will offer something special to the team. With Pirlo’s passing ability from midfield, we could be blessed with another ‘old head’ such as what Gary McAllister did when he was signed by Houllier.

We took the time to discuss amongst ourselves in the office and this is what we thought about Pirlo and a move to Liverpool:

Manny: “One of my all time favorite midfielders. Two concerns: his age and then the usual question, where will he play and for who? I will limit my contribution to that or else I may end up mentioning the “Lucas” word given Pirlo is a middllll-fielder!”

Kava: “He would be a class addition. Gary Mac arrived here in his 30s so why can’t Andre? Our bench would be solid no matter who gets dropped. I say we go for it. Especially if its for free!!!”

Moko: “I’m not that keen to be honest. The move that was going to be great was Van Bommel but he’s gone to Milan to replace Pirlo. Gary Mac didn’t have to adapt to the Premier League when he came. Remember Litmanen? He was a Legend but could never replicate his game here. I think old foreign guys struggle the most of anyone coming to the Premier League”

What are your thoughts about Pirlo joining Liverpool if it were to happen?