Date:9th February 2011 at 10:31am
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When Kenny Dalglish left Liverpool in 1991, he stated that Hillsborough was the most important factor in his decision to leave Liverpool. “I thought to myself ‘Why should I feel any pressure’. The people under pressure were those who had lost their loved ones. In truth, I had wanted to leave Anfield in 1990, a year before I eventually resigned. In the 22 months between Hillsborough and my resignation, the strain kept growing until I finally snapped.” (Dalglish interview from

Dalglish then went on to say that he hoped Liverpool would call him back in the summer of 1991 so that he could be manager again but instead Liverpool decided to go for Graeme Souness. “But if Liverpool had waited until the summer, and then asked me, I would have gone back. Like a shot.” Dalglish said.

King Kenny is now back at the helm at Liverpool after he was asked to take over from Roy Hodgson who had done a miserable job during his 6 month spell at the club. Dalglish has been given the job until the summer (end of the season) and then the Liverpool owners will assess whether Dalglish should get the job on a full time basis or they will look for another manager. Many of the current Liverpool players, namely Gerrard, Carragher and Kuyt are calling for the Liverpool owners to give Dalglish the job on a fulltime basis. Even John Henry himself has hinted that they could appoint Dalglish on a long term basis come the summer.

Liverpool made the mistake back in 1991 of not calling Kenny back to manage after he resigned. The same mistake should not be repeated come the summer of 2011. Liverpool simply have to appoint Dalglish to be the permanent manage this summer. Right now I can not honestly see anyone else being Liverpool manager next season besides Dalglish. He has started off something that looks good right now and we have to let him continue working with it. We may be rewarded come the end of this season with a Top 4 finish, all thanks to Dalglish. One just has to look at the game on Sunday against Chelsea: Dalglish used the exact same players that he inherited from Roy Hodgson and they got a result. These are the same players that Hodgson could not motivate to win but in step Dalglish, and all of a sudden Liverpool are back!