Date: 7th February 2011 at 10:26am
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One of the highlights for me in yesterdays game against Chelsea was when Daniel Agger gave Torres an elbow when the Chelsea striker tried to run past the defender. Coming into the game, I was looking forward to seeing the tackles that Liverpool players would give to Torres. When I saw that Carragher was starting the game, I thought that either him or Gerrard would be the players to put in a big hit on Torres as they are the local lads and in essence, Torres dissed Liverpool by saying Chelsea is a bigger club.

But judging from Agger’s action, it seems that it is not only the local lads who were willing to ‘stick it’ into Torres. That however was the only bit of ‘bad blood’ shown against Torres yesterday. I did not expect any of our players not to shake Fernando’s hand before the game and I was glad to see that they all did, and a few smiles were exchanged with some of the lads.

For those of you who missed Agger’s incident with Torres, here is the video below, courtesy of YouTube user GoalFast.


11 responses to “[Video] Agger elbows Torres”

  1. Brian says:

    im sorry, i know that Torres going the way he did may have left a bad taste in the mouth but surly as a football fan you are saying you agree with this as a highlight of the match.

    All it does is highlight Agger is a thug. This is football regardless of what a player has done,this sort of thing has no place on the pitch he could of really hurt him.

  2. plastic scouser says:


    football is a mans game and a contact sport. If you don’t like it watch netball you big girl

  3. was! says:

    Wasn’t a proper elbow. Watch the angle from 10 seconds in, it’s just a normal foul…if that. A high arm.

  4. yop says:

    look at the man who sitting on the chelski bench ..big laughing from him! haha ..daniel was the hero of angry kops!

  5. Ha ha
    Well written
    Nice article
    Well done Liverpool for their victory yesterday
    Kenny Dalglish is certainly doing a decent job. As for Liverpool, all you wonder is when would the bubble burst. They are playing impressive football but all you wonder is where is the depth?
    As for the Liverpool fans and Kenny Dalglish, have a read:

  6. MO_LFC says:

    Stick that up Chelsea.. Bigger club? Yeah right!… Get some more songs/trophies/fans and then come back and try.

  7. Larsen says:

    That was not an elbow, it was a high arm. It was quite intentional although.