Date:7th February 2011 at 1:11pm
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Oh Fernando, you are so wrong! How can you say the fair result in yesterdays game was a draw? Were we watching the same game? Was the view from the bench after you got subbed off so bad that you did not see how well Liverpool were playing and how much value for the win they were? It easily could have been 2-0 to Liverpool in case you did not know that!

I had a good old laugh reading what Torres said after the game on Sunday against Liverpool.

“I think the fair result was the draw, it was unfair to lose that game, but now we are looking forwards to the next game and will keep fighting until the end,” Torres said. “There are a lot of points still to play (for).”

Torres also went on to say how surprised he was that Liverpool played with 3 central defenders. “It was very difficult, Liverpool played a good game, with three at the back,” Torres said. “We were not expecting that and maybe they took advantage of that.”

We were just a lot smarter than your new team Fernando. When I saw the starting lineups before kickoff, I was confident that we would get a result simply based on the teams that were selected. Seeing Torres, Drogba and Anelka all starting meant that Chelsea had no width at all in their team and that was their downfall. Credit to King Kenny for outsmarting his counterpart. It will be interesting to see how Chelsea play the rest of the season as I do not believe they can start with all three of their front men and sacrifice the width given by Malouda and Kalou. Anyway, that is their own problem to deal with. We have happy days rolling back at Anfield.