Date: 7th February 2011 at 7:06am
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Liverpool walked into Stamford Bridge. Liverpool walked all over Chelsea’s jubilant mood. Then Liverpool walked away victorious.

As the words of the anthem go “Walk on, walk on. With hope in heart! ‘Cause you’ll never walk alone!” the club and the players and the manager walk on. There was a look of calm assurance about the way the team took to its task. In a way it was as if Liverpool had gained an extra player on the pitch with the sale of Torres. Based on Torres’ performances this season, baring his audition for a transfer to Chelsea, his inclusion had in effect reduced Liverpool to ten men. Now, with Torres gone, Liverpool are back to full strength and the results are showing it.

King Kenny fielded a team that featured neither of our two new January recruits. He called on the same group of players that, with Torres’ “help”, failed to deal with the likes of Blackpool and Blackburn. But somehow in losing one player Liverpool have gained a team. A team that was easily a match of the best that Chelsea could field. They started with an attacking line that is easily worth £100million which included their new signing. The script was written and the stage was set for Torres to justify his reasoning for submitting a transfer request by scoring against the former colleagues he has effectively branded as incapable of challenging the top teams in the land. Someone forgot to circulate that script to Liverpool!

Liverpool in their new formation nullified any threat Chelsea could muster. In Maxi’s embarrassing miss we had by far the best chance of the first half. Twenty minutes into the second half Torres walked of the pitch. Walked alone off the pitch after an inept 65 minutes of football! Three minutes later he was a pitch-side spectator and Meireles thumped in a Gerrard cross. A lonely moment, I’m sure!

Liverpool’s victory at the Bridge, formerly a fortress for the home team, Chelsea now finds themselves 10 points behind first. Though still in with a chance they certainly have a mountain to climb. Which begs the question, which titles does Torres stand to win this season? At the midpoint of the Champions League Chelsea are still in the hunt but certainly do not strike fear in their continental rivals. Chelsea are out of the Carling Cup but I’m sure Torres is relishing the FA Cup fourth round replay against Everton.

With a title far from guaranteed this season a top four finish is all that remains. But even that cannot as yet be taken for granted. Chelsea are equal on points with Spurs and Liverpool are six points behind. A two game swing and Liverpool could easily find themselves in the driver’s seat in the chase for a Champions League berth. League form has swung dramatically as King Kenny has exerted his influence. In the last five games Liverpool have managed thirteen points from a possible fifteen – the best record of any team in the league in the last five! Four of those victories have come by way of consecutive clean sheets. There have also been two consecutive away wins – the first since Bolton (29/08/2009) and West Ham (19/09/2009) were both beaten 3-2.

Liverpool and Chelsea have strikingly similar run-ins which include home fixtures against Man U, Man City and Spurs. Liverpool will face a trip to the Emirates while Chelsea will visit Old Trafford. It will be a tough ask for Liverpool to overhaul the deficit but it is not outside the realm of the possible.

Thus, as Liverpool’s fortunes are beginning to point firmly onward and upward Chelsea and Torres’ are in flux. The remaining weeks of the season will tell all. The only thing guaranteed is this…

…for those in red at least…

…and with hope in their hearts…



11 responses to “Liverpool Walk On!”

  1. Sam says:

    Well said MoKo. Brilliant result, brilliant display by the team. What more could one wish for?

    I’m relishing the prospect of LFC making it into the top 4 especially at the expense of Chelsea. Mr. F. Torres’ remarks would be back to haunt him, what ‘big team’? Kenny is making us dream again.

    On an unrelated note, Manny I think you owe Lucas an apology.

    • Moko says:

      I concur. Manny please submit your response regarding Mr L. Leiva post haste

    • Kava says:

      Here here!! What a result! Not a classic for the neutral but was great entertainment. Maxi might win the “Miss of the season” gong this year.

      Lucas and Carragher should be joint winners of the Man of the Match.

      Manny we await your apology! That goes for you too Ron.

    • Manny says:

      Ah ah?

      Why is the panel trying to sully the victory by forcing an apology for Lucas?

      What sticks out to me in that game as regards Lucas was Terry’s thunderous challenge on him in midfield! Eina!!

      Good performance all round but I honestly think that if we want to step up to the next level, a player like Lucas would have to be content being a squad player and not a regular.


    • Ron says:

      No apology coming from me about Lucas!!!! He was pooooor yet again!!! Did you see how easily Drogba brushed him off to create a goal scoring opportunity? Yes again Lucas had some stray passes and a poor first touch. Couple with him receiving the tackle of the game from JT!!!! In all fairness gents, Lucas is there as our best option right now as a DM but come the summer we need a quality DM!!!

      If you watched the Real game after that and you just see the quality that Laas has as a DM, then you will see how poooor Lucas is!!!!!!!

      • Sam says:

        While I agree that Lucas is not the world’s best DM, but in all honesty I thought he had a good game, the whole team played well and they deserve to be complimented.

        Lets remember that ‘Great teams are not bought, they are developed’.

        • Manny says:

          I agree Sam, the whole team played well.

          But let’s not make the mistake of thinking that a 6th, or even 4th place finish is good enuff for a club of our stature.

          If Lucas stays as a starter then we will forever sit in fourth and we won’t challenge for the title.

          Lucas is a squad player and I honestly will not shed a tear if we off-load Lucas in the summer and we get Charlie Adam and a world class DM.

      • Moko says:

        It’s totally improper to compare a DM in Spain with one in England! Unless u’re saying Masch is junk coz he can’t cut it in La Liga?

        lucas is leading the player of the year standing in my book. His only competition is coming from Pepe.

        I like how you pick on Lucas when throughout his midfield partner Gerrard was unable to control simple passes and distribute. He also was consistently the last midfielder to get goal side therby making Lucas run more than necessary.
        Time to remove the blinkers chaps

        • Manny says:

          Lucas’ name was brought up by those in “support” of him, neither I nor Ron had commented before there was the demand for an apology. There was no attempt to “pick on him”.

          On your point about comparing Gerrard and Lucas: Are we really going to suggest that Lucas is a better player than Gerrard?

          In this particular game, yes, Lucas played better, but we all know sports is about producing consistently high performances over a long period of time.

          I repeat gents, if we want to even challenge for the title again then Lucas must accept his role as being one of a squad player!

          At our peak under Rafa our midfield was Alonso, Masch and Gerrard; Lucas was a squad ouen. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we are sitting in 6th in the season where Lucas has been a regular.

          Gents, let’s not make the mistake of accepting mediocrity.

        • Moko says:

          I think it’s fair to say Lucas has outperformed every other outfield player Liverpool have fielded. That in itself is consistency. Yet again he is in the top 5 in the league in tackles made for the second season running – that is consistency.

          His performances in the context of Liverpool poor season show a kind of consistency many of his teammates could learn a lot from.