Date: 7th February 2011 at 11:57am
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I had a good laugh on Sunday when I was watching the Chelsea game and saw the TV camera’s focusing on a banner the Chelsea fans had ‘made’ for Fernando Torres. This is the exact same banner we as Liverpool fans draped on The Kop in support of Fernando Torres when he was still one of us. So some plastic Chelsea supporters decided they should ‘make’ their own but instead of coming up with something original of their own, they stole the banner we had for Torres and just made it blue instead of red!

The Chelsea fans were so dumb that they left the design from the Shankly Gateway on the banner. They obviously do not even know what that design means! They probably thought it just looked pretty and decided to put it there not knowing that we had it there for a reason.

This just goes to show how little tradition and history Chelsea has and I hope Fernando will realize this. Does he realize that he will never have the Chelsea fans ‘bouncing’ in the terraces when he scores a goal? At best he will get a round of applause.


14 responses to “Chelsea steal our Torres banner”

  1. badders1977 says:

    Fantastic! I spotted that one too. Plastic flags all round.

  2. ste says:


    Making a laughing stock out of themselves!!, What a Pathetic medium sized London club, i’d be ashamed if i were them.

  3. jose says:

    How can you be sure that this was a mindless act? Since you even say it in you head line.

    Picture this.
    Chelsky fan 1: hey lets provoke the Liverpool fans by painting there banner blue!
    Chelsky fan 2: on it.

    Been done all over the world.

  4. Ivor says:

    i doubt it very much

  5. Dave Alliston says:

    What I love about the Chelsea immitation, which the person who made it forgot to realise was, that the very bottom, underneath El Nino is the Shankly Gates design. Had they realised what it is I am sure they would have left it off… knob heads

  6. Billy says:

    The even funnier thing would be for the next game they realise their error thanks to sites like this and amend it.

    That’ll prove how stupid they actually are.

  7. molbymagic says:

    Just about sums up the whole sorry affair – if he ever forgets what kind of soulless club he’s joined, he’ll be reminded every time he clocks this shabby piece of tat.

    To be fair to the Chelsea fans in this case though, it looks exactly like the kind of embarassing corporate-produced rubbish they hang round the stands of another plastic club (“Manchester City thanks you Sheik Mansour” etc) Keeping it real eh?

  8. Rich says:

    Apparently he’s asked his agent to orchestrate a move to Man City in the summer as he’s concerned that Chelsea wont get into the Champions League next season.

  9. fmisntreal says:

    LMAO seriously funny, really made my day thank you very much!

  10. eman says:

    hello there, i’m a liverpool supporter from the other side of the globe. why do you call chelsea a”plastic flag”? i don’t understand.

  11. goalrush says:

    eman – its because Chelsea handed out plastic flags before their CL home tie with us a few years back. It was supposed to help recreate an Anfield type atmosphere – fortunately at Anfield, like at most football grounds in the world, our fans don’t need anyone giving them something to wave around. We thought it was funny because, given the importance of the match, it showed that even the club thought that their fans lacked any real passion.