Date:4th February 2011 at 7:37pm
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It appears that the Torres and Carroll fees were never set by LFC specifically, but rather were always predicated on what Newcastle asked for Carroll.  There have been other reports suggesting we had reached an agreement for Carroll for much less only for Ashley to come in and up it.  It seems to me he must have become aware of our negotiations with Chelsea.

John Henry is quoted as saying we would have sold Torres for any price as long as it was £15 million more than Carroll commanded.

The other topic discussed was NESV’s vision for financing player moves.  Their plan is to do so with funds made directly by LFC.  Some people are claiming this is a player sales only message, but I would disagree. The Boston Red Sox posted league leading profits of $40 million dollars for the 2009 season and yet was as successful as anyone through 162 games, failing to win a championship only because they were defeated in the American playoff system which I think we can all agree is not the best way to determine a champion.

The owners ideas revolve around exactly what H&G’s did financially with one key difference : the lack of debt siphoning off the cash LFC earns itself.  I don’t have the figures in front of me but the one key thing our previous owners did was increase our revenues astronomically.  If the continuation of that means initial investment in the squad to win things and keep a global presence, our new owners will do so.  They are preparing us for the fair play regulations, which while devastating clubs like Chelsea and Man City that lack a global brand or history beyond the past few years will only enhance the prospects of a club such as ours that has built its reputation and fan base with performances on the pitch and trophies in the cabinet rather than 0’s in a checking account.

Our presence with fans in countries worldwide (I’m in America, Ron is in South Africa etc etc) will allow our potential revenue to far outpace those of teams like those previously mentioned.  These regulations will create a salary cap in effect, but one based upon your own success and history.  Ours puts us in pole position to build something wonderful and sustainable, a return to what this club is really all about.

John Henry discusses transfer fees