Date: 4th February 2011 at 5:27pm
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Fernando Torres attempts to clarify his exit from Anfield in his Chelsea unveiling today.

Fernando speaks out about Liverpool

Reading through this, I can’t say that it seems much more to me than a bit of a pr attempt on his part to mend some fences with Liverpool supporters.  The usual platitudes about the friends he left behind, and the respect he has for the supporters etc.  These issues have been debated heavily since the transfer request took place, so I won’t rehash all that here.

The new info is that he is now claiming he was ready to leave Anfield and LFC about halfway through the window.  He doesn’t say that he had determined a time or a place to do so, just that he was ready to go when he learned of Chelsea’s dialogue with the club over his transfer.  I personally think this is a pile, as the transfer of someone on his level always requires an interest in the market.  It’s hard to sell a 50 million pound striker if the appropriate clientele isn’t ready to do business.  So what is left for me to glean from this?  That he was sitting around debating his future in January when he should have been worried about helping LFC climb the table.  That we are doing so regardless is irrelevant in my opinion.

Finally, he also claims he never lost ambition and was simply playing out of form.  I would buy that except for the absolute glut of touches that he butchered this season.  His technical ability in terms of dribbling and passing has never been that great as he generally touches past and burns pace for his most successful runs.  With that said, I’ve seen U-7’s with better touch than he displayed at times this year.  Touching it away horribly and not bothering to run after it, or going down trying to draw a non existent foul instead.

I find these comments to be too little too late and would rather suggest he forget the name of Liverpool until he sees it above him in the league table next season.


3 responses to “Tell it to Someone That Cares Fernando”

  1. Maza says:

    Be quiet!
    It’s over.
    He’s left.
    We’ll move on, he’ll move on.
    Let that be the end of it. You’re just sounding bitter now.

  2. Benjamin says:

    If he’s said these things earlier I’d have discussed them then. If he’d said them next week, I’d have talked about them then. Its a major news story and there’s some new info, it’s our job as a Liverpool news blog to both comment and provide you an outlet to do so as well. I don’t think 4 days later qualifies as bitter when there’s a new development to mention. You are the one who needs to calm down methinks =)

  3. dav says:

    i think the reason everyones so bitter is because we know deep down how good he really is and how much were gona miss him.i think if liverpool would have shown more anbition in the transfer window early on he may have been convinced to stay.liverpool never apeared to have much money they haggled for weeks over saurez and only agreed when they got 7m for babel.these new gays havent impressed me yet only spent 1.8m outgoing