Date: 4th February 2011 at 11:48am
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Liverpool may be staying at Anfield and not build a new stadium or share with Everton. This comes off what John Henry said about the Anfield atmosphere. “The Kop is unrivalled,” he said. “The atmosphere, I was really surprised because we’ve heard so much about needing a new stadium.

“We were surprised at how beautiful Anfield was both viewing it as an empty stadium and then with the first game. It would be hard to replicate that feeling anywhere else.”

A Liverpool spokesman today insisted no decision has yet been made on the ground issue.

The club are still carrying out “an exhaustive assessment of all the options open” before announcing their plans.

Anfield will always hold a special place in every Liverpool fans heart and for sentimental reasons we may not want to leave Anfield. But in the business environment football finds itself in today we need a bigger stadium to generate more revenue. Now I am not and architect or have much knowledge about the layout and specs of Anfield, but I can not see how many more seats they can put in at the current stadium. What we need is a 55 000 or 60 000 seater stadium which means we need an additional 10 000 more seats, which is a lot. The Fenway Sports Group have experience in redeveloping stadiums as they did with the Red Sox so maybe they are seriously considering doing the same for Anfield. If we can get 10 000 more seats at Anfield that would be great.

I guess only time will tell what we do about the stadium as something needs to be done soon. At least Mr. Henry has not come out and lied to us like his predecessors who said they would have a spade in the ground within weeks of their arrival so that they can start building a new stadium!


2 responses to “Liverpool to stay at Anfield?”

  1. Matthew says:

    Additional seats would be excellent as there are lots and lots of people who can’t get tickets to matches but what LFC need most desperately is executive boxes and lots of them. That’s where the real revenue is and that’s what enables us to compete with the rich clubs.