Date: 3rd February 2011 at 1:56pm
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The Spanish revolution seems to be slowly coming to an end at Liverpool. When Rafa Benitez took over at Liverpool he bought in his own Spanish backroom staff and decided to bring in some Spanish players. We could it the “Rafa-lution” at that time, but now that all seems to be coming to an end as we look forward to the new Dalglish lead era.

First it was Arbeloa and Alonso who left Liverpool. Riera then left Liverpool as the Spanish numbers continued to dwindle coupled with Rafa himself being shown the door at Liverpool. And now most recently Fernando Torres has left for Chelsea. That leaves Pepe Reina as the only high profile Spanish player at the club.

There has been a lot of speculation around the future of Reina as it has been suggested he may leave Liverpool and seek success at another club. But credit to Pepe he has always come out and said that he remains loyal to Liverpool and will fight on and work until the end of his contract. But then again Torres said the exact same thing and he ended up leaving.

So could the departure of Torres trigger Reina to decide to leave Liverpool and go somewhere else? I certainly hope not as he is arguably the finest goalkeeper in the game today and it would be a big loss to Liverpool if we lost him. A much bigger loss than losing Torres in my opinion. What I have found interesting is that Reina has not yet come out in the public and commented about the departure of Torres. It will be interesting to find out what he has to say about all this.
It must feel strange for Reina, once upon a time he was surrounded by all his Spanish mates and now he is all there alone. It is situations like that, that could easily force a player to leave a club but I believe Pepe is bigger than that and the lack of Spanish players in the dressing room will not affect him. Please do not go Pepe!

Do you think Reina will do a 'Torres' on us and leave?

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25 responses to “Is Pepe Reina the next to leave?”

  1. Steve the red says:

    Now we have the quick and nimble #7 who wanted to join the club because of the spanish speaking players, good ol’ Peps will be fine, we are on the march 5th has got to be the target anything else is a bonus

  2. hadi says:

    we had PEPE REINA already b4 dogy TORRES come to the club he is our best gol keeper i don’t think he wil he knows fan love him i hope not, i hope same time PEPE text TORRES say{u hada wrnog idea and big mistake}

  3. Skidz73 says:

    Why exactly should Reina come ut and say anything about Torres decision?

  4. steve mcauley says:

    yes, i would like to hear from our star players too, just to reassure us that they won’t be following suit, so come on pepe and stevie, let’s hear from you lads.

    • Skidz73 says:

      What a load of crap. If you’re that insecure, I’d suggest following another sport. Players come and go. Even if they do say they’re staying, it doesn’t matter. If they change their minds, you just beat them round the head with their previous words. They can’t win.

      • steve mcauley says:

        and i suggest you kiss my arse!

        • Simon says:

          Extremely mature, Skidz makes a good point, why do players always have to come out and re-affirm their loyalty, you’ll be wanting it from Suarez and Carroll next

  5. Bomber25 says:

    “Do you think Reina will do a ‘Torres’ on us and leave?”

    With articles like this triggering it, he might just do.

  6. Dale Marlow says:

    Why would you even raise this question?

    Are you trying to destabilise or create paranoia?

    Are you a Chav? or more likely a Manure sh*t stirer

    • REDseptember says:

      You are so right, sometimes when i listen to and read some of the negativity from our own fans it drives me mad. UNLESS YOU HAVE SOMETHING POSITIVE TO SAY FELLOW REDS, SHUT UP AND SAY NOTHING. All this nonsense the day after another sweet victory…………… Y.N.W.A.96

  7. Daniel says:

    Always some1 tryin to put a downer on us Liverpool fans !!

  8. frankydavies says:

    Just what do you think you are doing m8? stop writing like you work for the sun.

  9. Nye says:

    What is the purpose of this article?? Every Liverpool fan knows that Pepe loves the club and gets on really well with all the players, his relationship with the Liverpool players is much the same as with the Spanish national team. Reina has said himself several times that he wants to say at Liverpool. Why did you waste you time writing this?

  10. donkee says:

    another nay sayer,shut the f*&K up and enjoy the new LFC YNWA

  11. clive says:

    I dont see what you all complaining about, it is a valid question, just look at what Torres did to us.

    • koparoma says:

      It is not a valid question – because WE are simply not able to answer it. That makes it just idle speculation. What if…? What if…? What if…?

      Idle speculation which, as other replies point out, is destabilising for our club.

      It is just the sort of crap that we get from the press all the time (but particularly just ahead of every big match). Now, on the eve of the Chelski match, from a supposed fansite?? c’mon m8

      Pepe – we luv u

    • Nye says:

      Reina is nothing like Torres, Reina has a good relationship the whole squad, and has a very big personality. Torres did not have a good relationship with the players (especially towards the end) he had very little interaction with his team mates outside of work.

  12. ScouseUK says:

    dont understand why people think pepe is like torres,how many times dose he have to come out and say it,he is here for a few more years…..

    i trust pepe more than i ever trust torres,pepe dosnt believe he is bigger than lfc,he loves the club the fans and the city

    • steve mcauley says:

      he loves the fans, the club, the city, will be here for years because he’s a professional………..em, didn’t torres say all the same things?

  13. ddr7479 says:

    So he’sgonna leave lfc cos there are no Spanish players there and join manure where he’ll be surrounded by loads of his compatriots, oh no hang on they haven’t got a single Spanish player in their squad. This article is baseless and a load of crap, my 2 week old niece could have written a better article!

  14. royann says:

    hes gone in the summer.

  15. hadi says:

    sorry to all LFC fan i did not mean be nasty to PEPE he is our best golkeeper we ever had i say i hope hes never go, that what i mean i think same people r getn me wrong!!!!!!

  16. gaz says:

    Ok, so Reina is going because he was part of the Rafa era. That means Skrtel would be going too. Oh and Agger, and Johnson, and Kuyt, and Lucas, and Ngog. Not to mention getting rid of Meireles, seeing as though he is a Hodgson signing. Of the signings that Kenny has, that leaves Suarez and Carroll. Great team that. Bloody idiot. Rafa is a good manager who made some bloody great signings. Reina being one of the top signings. Reina has the makings of being our all time great goalkeeper, he knows this, he also knows that he will inherit the armband from Stevie. Why on earth would he leave?

  17. Red says:


  18. Gab says:

    I don’t see why Reina would decide to leave. It seems as if the mindset behind this article is that he is Spanish and so won’t want to stay if there are not other Spaniards at the club. Not sure why that should be assumed but it is possible. There is no way that he will be sold to Man Utd, however. He would not push for a move like that and the club would never sell him. They’d have to offer 100 million.

    Ultimately, if we have top 4 form by the end of the season, then he’ll be happy, I’m sure. If we are heading back down the table and look decidedly average, then any of our star players could decide to leave, presumably.