Date: 3rd February 2011 at 9:57am
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Liverpool totally dominated Stoke from the kickoff yesterday in our 2-0 win. We should’ve been comfortably 2 up by halftime but the keeper was in form.

Strange formation but it worked well considering we were dealing with a longball team full of giants. Soto was brilliant in handling John Carew in the air and on the deck.

What I liked about the formation is that it was very fluid and adaptable. You would think having 6 defenders on the pitch was negative but it was anything but. Fabio and Glen Johnson were attacking all the time. Agger was great at bringing the ball upfield from the back. Martin Kelly shut down the right flank but was attacking when needed. Skrtel was also comfortable and assured for a change.

Raul Miereles continues to impress. I’m loving this lad and I thank Woy for bringing him to Anfield and to LFC for doing it quietly. Brilliant poachers goal from the Gerrard free kick.

Suarez came on and although he had a few bad touches in the first five minutes, he grew in confidence in record time. Once Dirk Kuyt put him through for a one-on-one it was just late. He brought pace, power and trickery. Exactly what we signed him for.

Its looking good. Once AC is back from injury we will be a scary team to play. I have no words for Kenny’s tactical mind. He’s bringing his brilliance to a whole new generation of fans and I’m loving it.


3 responses to “6 defenders on the pitch was not negative”

  1. Benjamin says:

    I agree with you that it was not negative, it was simply a situation where we had essentially two seperate teams on the pitch. We had 5 defenders (3 cb and 2 dm) and 5 attackers (2 am(c) 2 wb 1 st) that that aided each other in transition but left the primary duties to each other in a sense. With 5 solid defenders in place and in shape at all times, it allows the creative players to be far more expressive and daring without having to be so concerned about burning us defensively all the time. I’m firmly on board with this. Go Kenny YNWA

  2. Michael says:

    Could agree more. Kenny is pretty much a football genius and I haven’t been this happy watching Liverpool for a long time. Let’s be honest a lot of people were wanting Kelly to come in at right back but I don’t think anyone thought for a second that Johnson would play at left back! Suddenly the defence looks a lot more solid. Meireles always looked a good player and we do have Roy to thank for that. I for one won’t be too hard on Hodgson – an honourable guy who came in under the old owners and was always on a hiding to nothing – but Dalglish is the best manager out there.

  3. Dan says:

    I would guess we might see more of this formation from Kenny. According to my dad he was the first to play 3 at the back – not sure how true of a comment this is but with players like Kelly and Johnson who can run up and down the wings all day, a wing-back position definatly suits them.
    Suarez definitley learnt quickly that he won’t get much time on the ball in most situations and adapted his play very well to a new league. He also shows signs of classic ‘pass and move’ Liverpool play.