Date:2nd February 2011 at 10:40am
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The last few days have really been strenuous on many football fans the world over, with sides hoping they can do enough to keep hold of their prized assets while acquiring some more enforcements to give them that extra impetus for the rest of the season. For days during the transfer window period, I waited with baited breath, to see what we would do this transfer window….DAYS!! Glued to every web pages and TV screen I could find to see who we would be linked with….nothing…..NOTHING!!!! Now, some idiot will say that most teams don’t do much business in this window anyways, but if you have been watching our games, we NEEDED reinforcements like the desert needs rain! Simple. We were not in the position to let this window pass us by without doing something to try and add one or two signings.

HONESTLY AS A LIVERPOOL SUPPORTER, DOESN’T THIS PATTERN ABOVE BRING BACK A SENSE OF DÉJÀ VU?! For 2 years (under Rafa’s reign and even before) we begged for a striker, everyone including Stevie Wonder could see that we needed a striker, but NOT the people AT Liverpool. We brought in wingers, wing backs, defenders, reinforcements for defenders, goalkeepers, coaches, and then more coaches, medical staff, sponsors, ball boys….ANYTHING and EVERTHYING else BUT a striker?!!! I mean for crying out loud!!! WTF?!! You know, the guy that gets paid to put the ball in the net….coz the last time I checked that’s how you win games, by putting the ball in the net….i mean ask Arsenal….

Then the news that Torres had put in a transfer request…for 2 days, I was glued to the TV, trying to fathom what the hell is going on?

Monday was a sad day for Liverpool fans across the globe, but more so for football as an establishment. For Liverpool, because Torres and Co. put us in this mess, then hands in a transfer request! No honour! No stomach for the fight! No loyalty! Whatever you want to call it, he had a duty to dig us out this mess before transferring anywhere. If it were up to me I would have sold him to Shakthar Donesk before selling him to one of our rivals. After all they also in the champions league.

The fact that Carroll cost 35 million pounds! Yes, 35 million not 35 million Indian Rupees is of big concern for me as a fan of the game. The guy has 1 years’ experience in the Championship and 0.5 in the EPL. With 35 Million we could have gotten Ozil, Van der Vaart, Khedira and still had change. The fact that Holloway wants 15 million pounds for Adams, is even more hilarious. I mean is this guy on crack!…it must be that cheap ish though…coz only that cheap ish has that effect. BUT here is the really scary part….Liverpool, YES, us would have willingly paid that cash if we had more time. No other team in the world would, except Liverpool. Blackpool will eventually go down by the end of this season and Fergie would pick him up for 1 million, and then everyone would hail it as a great piece of business.

Liverpool’s issue has always been 2 fold: We sell our best players,Owen, Alonso, Garcia, Babel now Torres to replace them with panic buys like Aquaman and now Carroll (both injured when they came in too) as far as I’m concerned we go 1 step forward and 3 steps back. This is evident in everything that is Liverpool at the moment, we don’t seem to have the pulling power that we once had. we don’t necessarily have the cash anymore to get top transfers too (although the board would be quick to tell us otherwise….but I’m a practical guy….SHOW ME THE MONEY!). Progressively our play has become very workmanlike, predictable and dare I say it, boring at times, thus we find ourselves out the Champions league, out the FA cup, out the Carling Cup, months, not even days off the pace in the league and very soon out the Europa league and this pattern has been reoccurring for some time now.

As you guys can imagine, I’m hurting and no amount of “feel good phrases” like no one player is bigger than the team will take away the pain. I would really like to see or feel the optimism that has been discussed here previously, but I honestly don’t see it guys. It’s been long that Liverpool fans have had to settle for second best, too long. The Liverpool hierarchy needs to catch a wake up soon, rather than later otherwise my friends, I don’t see us fighting for the Championship for years to come.