Date: 24th January 2011 at 1:28pm
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Jose Mourinho is being his unpredictable self again. Last week the Real Madrid manager was discussing his feature at Madrid and he was not too happy with what was going on. “Regarding my future, we’ll see what happens at the end of the season,” said Mourinho despite his appointment at the Bernabeu in the summer. “Contracts aren’t the most important thing in football. If all the parties are happy at the end of a campaign, they remain together. If they aren’t, they don’t.”

Reports in Spain claim relations between the Real manager and the club’s director Jorge Valdano have become strained in recent weeks, fuelling speculation Mourinho could be set to leave. Mourinho is said to be unhappy at the board’s refusal to provide him with funds to bring in another striker to cover for the injured Gonzalo Higuaín.

Mourinho has always hinted that he would want to return to the Premier League one day. The smart money would be on Mourinho taking over from Alex Ferguson at Manchester United but that may not be any time soon as Fergsuon seems to want to stay on at United for many more seasons to come. I can not see Mourinho going back to Chelsea for as long as Roman is still in control there. Wenger does not seem to be leaving Arsenal any time soon either. That leaves Mourinho with Liverpool.

Jose has achieved a great deal in his career already. He has won the Champions League twice, he has numerous league titles and cups with the clubs he has managed. He may want to win La Liga but it does not look like he will do that this season as Barcelona look to have wrapped that up. And if the speculation is true that Mourinho is unhappy at Madrid and he will leave in the summer, what then?

Liverpool would provide an interesting challenge for Mourinho. He has won almost everything there is to win in the game besides the World Cup, and I can not see him winning that anytime soon especially if he wants to lead Portugal to the World Cup. A project like Liverpool would give Mourinho total satisfaction. Imagine how he would feel if he is the one to lead Liverpool to their first League Title in twenty odd years?

It is going to take a special manager to lead Liverpool back to the top. We currently have Kenny Dalglish at the helm and I would love nothing more than seeing him stay on as Liverpool manager and lead us back to the top. But at the same time, someone like Mourinho could be positioned to do the same. Thoughts of Mourinho to manage Liverpool come the summer are not too far off:
1) He may easily leaving Madrid this summer.
2) Dalglish is only incharge until the summer and then Liverpool may look for a new manager and if Mourinho is available, there is no better man who is available who could take over.
3) Steve Clarke is already at Liverpool and he has worked successfully well with Mourinho already.

Given the option who would you want to manage Liverpool next season?

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12 responses to “Why Mourinho would want the Liverpool job”

  1. Larsen says:

    Mourinho is a good manager, and has brought success to many clubs. But the situation depends on whether our team are back on track at the end of the season. With what he had left in Inter, I think it would be best if Kenny stays here.

  2. steve mcauley says:

    jose mourinho is THE ONLY man i would have before king kenny but if it’s not to be then long live the king!!!

  3. Larsen says:

    Uhhh and forgot to add; I know fk all…

  4. Kevin says:

    The only people who’ll be calling for Mourinho will be those who aren’t scousers. People have short memories.

  5. rob says:

    load of rubbish ,when mourinho took over at madrid last summer he stated he could never manage LFC

  6. KC says:

    Mourinho’s a good manager WITH huge transfer fund. He should try manage some average team (not Liverpool) with limited fund. If he can prove himself there, I’ll grant him as Liverpool manager.

    See the reason why he broke up at Madrid, lack of transfer fund.

    We’ve the King here and everyone of us knows that he’ll get the permanent contract soon, no Mourinho here please.

  7. Vinod says:

    Mourinho is undoubtedly good, but he has openly admitted that he would like to manage man utd one day. What is the guarantee that he will stick on with us for a long time, Mourinho would quit in short span, even if he joins. He has done that time and again. He would not be the right man to respect our history and tradition. Dalglish creates a harmony and unity in the team, since he is a living legend for us and a fan favourite.. So ” THE KING ” is the right man to take us forward. with the right investment and right buys in transfer market will eventually let us grab the title..

  8. LivFan says:

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  9. LivFan says:

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