Date: 20th January 2011 at 9:15am
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20 days into the transfer window and still no signing for Liverpool. For the last 20 days we have been waiting and waiting for something to happen and the most prominent transfer story in the last 20 days has been that of Luis Suarez leaving Ajax and joining Liverpool. But for some reason, this deal is taking much longer than expected. Can Liverpool sign him already? There clearly is a stumbling block in this deal going through and these could easily be:

Ajax are playing hardball! Ajax do not want to sell Suarez on the cheap and are demanding £25 million for the striker whilst Liverpool are willing to pay £18 million. That is a difference on £7 million which is a lot of money. It does not seem like either party wants to budge from their valuation of the player and as a result, no deal has been done yet.

There is the possibility of using Ryan Babel as part of this deal as Babel wants to go back to Ajax. To me it is easy, give Ajax some cash and Babel and then we get Suarez. But it is not as easy as that.

In the past Liverpool have missed out in signing top class players as they have been outbid in the market by the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea. In this new era under the Fenway Sports Group who have come out and said they have money to spend, we should not be hesitating like this in the transfer market. If we have the cash let’s spend it and get the quality players we need. Suarez is a quality player who will be a great addition to the team.

Clearly Liverpool have put a value on him which Ajax are not happy about so should we back down from this deal because we can not agree a fee or should we just pay what Ajax want us to pay?

What should be do about signing Suarez?

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11 responses to “What is delaying Suarez from signing for Liverpool?”

  1. Nye says:

    I really don’t understand why the fans are getting so excited about this transfer rumour, yes he has a good goal to game ratio but in a poor league, and he is also the sort of player who handballs on the line and bites his opponents and gets carded every game. This is not the sort of person i want to see in a red shirt. The money would be better spent going for a player like Honda or Turan. If we were going to spend £25 million then why not go for Alexis Sanchez? he is twice the player Suarez will ever be.

  2. Kopite says:

    It’s probably Ryan Babel’s fault! Most things are… I so can’t wait for my ‘Babel is finally leaving party.’ Everyone invited, you have to dress as clowns!

  3. Ronnie says:

    Sanchez better than Suarez? they are completly different players. we should just continue to negotiate until a solution is found. in the meantime we should be setting up deal if we cannot get him and also concentrate on signing a winger a left back and a centre back.

  4. Andy says:

    Alexis Sanchez??? the lad has scored 30 odd goals in 220+ games … would you really want to pay 25 million+ on a lad with that games to goals ratio irrespective of the competitiveness of the league … Suarez is quick & scores with both feet, he’ll do good in the premiership

    I’m confident the deal with Suarez is pretty much done because it would be naive of Tom Werner to come out & say we got money when they are trying to negotiate transfer fees with clubs, that doesnt make good business sense if he did but again these owners are experienced & I feel an anouncement is imminent on Suarez

  5. Dale Marlow says:

    We simply should not pay over the odds for anyone, if the club have a valuation and it’s not enough for Ajax simply walk away. The key here is that Kenny needs to build (well, rebuild) a team, that means players have to grow, the team have to grow and there really isn’t room for expensive buys who may or may not fit in, be motivated and play for the team. Do we want to risk another Joe Cole? I’d rather work on getting Conor Coady, Martin Kelly, Suso, Pacheco and Spearing to grow as players. You may say that’s more long term, but who knows what Suarez’s motivation is? He might simply see us as a stepping stone to Barca or Real.

  6. rick says:

    I consider Suarez one of the most skilled strikers in European Football, but imho, up to $25ml is a price tag too high, for a Player Who plays In Dutch Eredivisie and as uruguayan international.
    Ajx must low their demands.
    Imho, Ajax, pulled out the player, stripped him the caiptancy, and He is ban for seven games..
    Maybe We should turn their attentions on other targets, if the negotiates will give a stumbling block.

  7. Nye says:

    There has been nothing from the club about any approach for Suarez. This is still just a rumour. I’m sure we will be making some good signings this window, but i doubt it will be in the press before its announced. And Sanchez can also play as a striker and creates a lot of goals and provides width which is the one thing we have been lacking this season, as for his goal to game ratio its meaningless i would rater have him in the team that that little cheat.

  8. jues says:

    This is the worst transfer news ever, now lets see we want to buy players that are not proven at the premier level yes Saurez has perform well at the world cup, but if he is worth 25 million and he is that good what is the hold up on the negotiations..i say no sales no buys, we have young quality players that wants to play for LFC..If we cannot move forward with the set of players we currently have…then I think we need clean house and rebuild. That means a Manager and players with modern day successes. Fyi……Ryan Babel is better and build for the premier league and the kid love LFC. …lets open oyr eyes give the players a chance.

  9. Gab says:

    At these prices, including what Hoffenheim are offering, and considering that no one wants any of our other players, I’d be prepared to keep Babel and move on from Suarez. If the team play like they did today, against Wolves, Babel could do a job for the team. Who knows what we’ll get from Suarez? He looks good for Uruguay, but whether he’ll have the temperament for getting kicked about by the likes of Vidic or Shawcross is anyone’s guess. Not to mention his tendency to fight with his own teammates. If we sell Babel to Hoffenheim, then we should look for a left winger and stick with what we have, move Johnson to right midfield and let Kuyt cover for Torres till the end of the season. Neither of Torres’ goals required any great pace, and if we create chances, Kuyt would put them away as well. Left wing, defensive midfielder, left back, centre back, striker, in that order of priority. As for Charlie Adam, he looks unfit to me and he can;t tackle to save his life. Not sure if we need another long range passer in the team alongside Gerrard and Meireles. He would be a squad player. If the money is there, we need 4 first teamers.