Date: 20th January 2011 at 10:52am
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One of the great things Kenny Dalglish has done since he has become the Liverpool manager is to get the young players involved in the first team. Kenny has already backed the likes of Kelly, Spearing and Shelvey with games in the first team. But King Kenny has not stopped there.

This week Dalglish went to the Academy and took Conor Coady and Suso up to Melwood with him to train with the first-team. This must have been a dream come true for the youngsters as they got the opportunity to train with the likes of Steven Gerrard, Joe Cole and Fabio Aurelio. Now Kenny has not stopped it there and he is most likely taking Conor and Suso up to Wolves this weekend so they are part of the first team. They are very unlikely to play or even be on the bench but just the experience of being part of the setup will go a long way.

It is clear that Dalglish is trying as best as he can to get young players into the first team, something that Rafa was not great at. Rafa was good at signing young players and keeping them in the Academy and reserve team but not giving them a crack in the first team. Hopefully now with Dalglish in charge we will see the likes of Pacheco and Suso breaking into the first team.

Suso is an amazing talent and we are very lucky to have him as Real Madrid and Barcelona were after him. Now with Suso and Pacheco, can you imagine an attacking three of those two lead by Torres? What a team!

Have a look below at the amazing talents of Suso.


7 responses to “[Video] Suso makes it to Melwood”

  1. JK says:

    I really like the look of suso ive seen him a few times with the reserves. Looks like he could be a class act lets hope he gets a shot still waiting for pacheco to get in the squad.

  2. Kava says:

    These are the type of kids that teams like Barcelona love. We are extremely lucky to have him.

  3. king kenny says:

    Hes got vision like alonso he could be the next gerrard and make it big under kenny things look better already at liverpool. Iam getting those feelings again i had in the 80s. Kenny 2 sign a 4 yr deal at end of season come on who could replace kenny now only 2 men paisley or shankly and that aint happening!!!!

  4. Anfield_Tiger says:

    look’s like xabi…after one minute my heart was already hard beating…let him play in the first team right now!

  5. sodapop says:

    Rafa gave Kelly, Pacheco, Robinson, Ecclestone their debut. And remember the League Cup quarter Final at Spurs? Welsh, Foy, Potter, Whitbread, Raven all had a fantastic night!

  6. Clarity says:

    Would disagree with the use Suso’s gradual development as a stick to beat Rafa with. We should be thanking Rafa. His previous presence and changes made to the academy enabled LFC to attract these up and coming players in the first place (Suarez is now citing the Spanish presence as a reason to join LFC). It does not make sense to assume that Rafa bought these young players without the intention to play them if they eventually were to make the grade. The fact is that it is a gamble when any young player is bought and not all will be good enough to play for the LFC first team. The time to develop and and weed out the weaker ones must be taken. Even when a player is viewed as sufficiently capable skills and tactics wise, there is a further need to allow the player to develop physically to play in the fastest and most physical league in the world. Suso and Pacheco for the matter need further physical development and be gently eased into the game before they are able to function competently in the Premiership. It remains to be seen if their diminutive size would impede their development. With players like Shelvey or Kelly where it is more obvious that they are physically ready that is less of a concern. It is right that Rafa took the time to allow young players to develop and not rush them.

  7. Bomber25 says:

    This player is fantastic. I would play him against the old men of Chelsea on Sunday.