Date: 18th January 2011 at 11:39am
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There is a new twist in the Luis Suarez transfer to Liverpool today. Ryan Babel has revealed he is keen to return to Ajax on loan as part of a potential deal for forward Luis Suarez. It is no secret that Liverpool are keen to sign Suarez to add some more attacking options to the team. I have been wondering why the Suarez signing has been taking a long time and one of the reasons could be that Ajax are asking for a transfer fee that Liverpool can not afford or are not willing to pay, so in comes Babel to be part of the deal.

“The transfer of Suarez to Liverpool opens the door for me to go to Ajax,” Babel told De Telegraaf. “If Liverpool and Ajax – whether in combination with Luis – can reach an agreement over me I will surely come to the club.

“For the chance to play I am willing to settle for far less pay. For a player of my age it is important to be playing week in week out.”

I say, the sooner we get this deal done the better. Let us send Babel to Ajax and we get Suarez. No brainer!


2 responses to “Suarez to Liverpool – Babel to Ajax”

  1. Kava says:

    Sounds like confirmation that this thing is going to happen. Suarez will be a good signing!

  2. Jay Wright says:

    LFC is retarded