Date: 18th January 2011 at 10:26am
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We are 18 days into the January transfer window and Liverpool have still not made any signings. Time is ticking and I am sure the forces that be are aware of that. Liverpool continue to be linked with a whole host of players in the press but still nothing concrete has been said or done. Today it seems like a whole host of Aston Villa players could be headed to Liverpool: Stephen Warnock on loan and potential signings of Ashley Young And Stuart Downing.

Luis Suarez is another name that is linked with Liverpool every day but still no official bid has been made for the player. The speculation around Mark Van Bommel also continues as his agent has made it clear that Liverpool have inquired about his services.

At the end of the day we just have to wait and see what the Liverpool squad looks like come 1 February after Kenny Dalglsish and Mr. Henry have decided what we need to sign and how much we have available.

If we take into account the speculation surrounding the Liverpool signings this January and if we do indeed sign these players, we could be lucky enough to find ourselves with a team like this to lead us through the rest of the season:

Goalkeeper: Pepe Reina, Right back: Martin Kelly, Center backs: Daniel Agger and Jamie Carragher, Left back: Stephen Warnock, Left winger: Stuart Downing, Central midfielders: Steven Gerrard and Mark Van Bommel, Right winger: Ashley Young, Strikers: Fernando Torres and Luis Suarez.
Not a bad team at all!


15 responses to “Liverpool XI after the January transfer window”

  1. LIVERPUDDLE says:

    you can but dream

  2. steve says:

    Carson-Djimi Traore-Ayala-Wilson-Warnock-Spearing-Murphy-Poulsen-Diouf-Cisse-Mellor…..WHERE IS SUAREZ NESV???they are WAYYY TOO SLOW on making the nesn page it says that there is no offer for suarez,but that’s also coming from “sources”..we all hope that this ends well and we buy him but how can john henry be so slow and irresponsible.he should have come out and said that we are interested or rubbish letting us know nothing it’s worse actually…

  3. Ron says:

    I doubt we would get both Downing and Young but the rest are very likely i.e. Warnock, Van Bommel and Suarez.

    Our bench would be great though with the likes of Glen Johnson, Skrtel, Lucas, Kuyt, Babel and Raul on the bench.

  4. Ronnie says:

    Kelly Wilson Agger Warnock
    Van Bommel
    Gerrard Meriles
    Suarez Young

  5. steve mcauley says:

    my ideal 11 would be:
    kelly cahill agger warnock/taiwo
    GJ SG RM downing

  6. Fran says:

    One thing you’ve not mentioned is our dire need to bring in a quality centre back. Soto is a fine header of the ball but has the passing ability of a 3 year old girl, skrtel has been caught ball watching and out of position far too often and jamie is not the force he was. Thankfully KK realises that agger has to be played when available but we need to clear out the deadwood at the back and bring in a quality centre back with a bit of pace. Also, to think that villa will give us downing and young is more than wishful thinking, it’s insane- they’re further down the table than we are so they aren’t going to get rid of the only hope they have of staying up!

  7. nigel says:

    The lack of patience surrounding some liverpool fans is a bit….. The first thing about football is don’t believe everything you hear in the media (news papers/internet). And secondly Liverpool football club has far as i can remember done all its business behind closed doors. So letting us know nothing is a good thing. We are still upholding some of our greatest traditions.

  8. Red Macca says:

    Why are we after Van Bommel if he is 33? Isn’t this against the “only buying younger players to justify their future value” He may be a good holding midfielder but surely we are better to get someone more mobile and longer term than just a year at best!! Maybe Eva Banega

  9. len says:


  10. Neal laurex says:

    I believe we need 2 spend money in the club and wisely as well nt try to buy low material.spend the money and u will see. .pls i will appreciate if nesv and comoli see this.comoli its time we see things ourselves,liverpool have been the best around since 1990 b4 evrytin changed,for everytin done there is patience involvd but what do you think is our problem,players or manager?it is both.look at our status now and see dat premierleague has changd and not for d lazy type,the dullard who cant see the truth and act is five horse race and look at us jst look,why d delay?why cant yu bring andre villas-boas to anfield and see wot am saying.why cant yu sell reina,johnson,agger, krygiakos,konchesky,aurielo,poulsen,maxi,jova,babel and kuyt and replace them with de gea,santon,coentrao,shawcross,mvilla,hazard,alexis sanchez,defederico and ryad boudebouz and see changes.liverpool cannot play 442 no need of suarez.why cant yu bring sanchez and defederico to play with torres.keeper de gea ,santon shawcross, skrtel and coentrao as defense.middle: mvila gerrard and do yu think we will luk like under andre villas-boas.pls act fast and why young,drowning,v.bommel suarez instead of pple who are yung,ready to play ball.liverpool wake up 4rm ur slumber,cant yu see since 1990.act fast.see reality now.replace kenny b4 more chaos. And spend henry spend.10 losses and u stil kenny why nt sum1 who can make tins fast and new players.pls bring bak insua.tanks.they must see it

  11. Neal laurex says:

    De gea santon shawcross skrtel coentrao. Mvila gerrard hazard defederico torres sanchez. Manager:andre villas-boas

  12. Lyandra says:

    Really don’t want us to buy Mark Van Bommel. Past his prime.

  13. gerad says:

    Mark Van Bommel is to old , we need young players to step up

  14. herwanmj says:

    We should give KK his chance, he has already identified our achilles and has already installed Steve Clarke to addressed it.
    Realistically there will be no fire-sale or total revamping of the team. I believe there will only be 2 or at most 3 players to come in this window. The real rebuilding works will only start come end of the season.
    For me it would still be


  15. bob says:

    Kelly mertesaker agger coentrao
    Johnson gerrard meireles young
    Negredo suarez

    Sell torres 40m
    Sell babel 6m
    Sell kuyt 8m
    Total 54m

    Buy mertesaker 12m
    Buy suarez 22m
    Buy coentrao 22m
    Buy young 16m
    Buy negredo 15m
    Total 87m

    Money spent 33m