Date: 13th January 2011 at 9:22am
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First off, a few oddities in King Kenny’s formation: Glen Johnson at LEFT BACK??!!! What is Glen Johnson still doing playing as a defender? I thought it was obvious now he can’t defend to save his life! Then to play him left back? I would rather have had Kelly at left back than GJ.

What in the mother of FUCK is Poulsen still doing playing for this club?? To me he did absolutely nothing constructive in central mid. Every Liverpool fan with half a brain cell knows he is not good enough to play for this club so to stick him in midfield with a non-creative Lucas was just total nonsense to me. Lucas is good but he needs a more creative player next to him, not a Juve reject!!

Where are Joe Cole, David Ngog and Ryan Babel?? Are they screwing up so badly in training that they can’t depose Poulsen, Milan and Kuyt?

If there was the slightest hint of a honeymoon period with King Kenny it’s definitely over now.

Have we slid so far down the ladder that Blackpool players dare to do stepovers, pirouettes and backheels…at 1-1???!!!!! Really?? Really??!!! WTF?!

I know refs are human and are prone to mistakes, and I also acknowledge that hometown decisions are inevitable, but REALLY????? How many fouls did the ref let go when Liverpool players were fouled? A blatant handball in the box by a Blackpool player? “PENALTY” we shout! Nope, just a yellow card for Fernando Torres who did absolutely nothing wrong except be frustrated by an incompetent ref. He must have gone to the Webb/Ferguson School of Excellence Reffing Clinic somewhere on the L4 close to Manchester.

Early subs were needed and, as under the Hodgson era (or error-whatever you prefer), they came too late!


Long headline I know, but it says it all.

Nothing to do with King Kenny. I love and respect the man. I just want to see John Dubya and his Fenway Sports dudes do what needs to be done in the transfer market. There’s building for the future but there also needs to be immediate fixes. January is tough to plug any holes but boy do we have holes to plug. No point going for the big players if we are 17th in the table. They’ll laugh in our faces.

Of losing! Blaming coaches! Blaming players! Blaming owners! Long ball tactics! Lack of inspiration! Lack of fight! Lack of confidence! Lack of Champions League football! Stupid refs! Of Manchester United!! Just tired!!!!

All I can say now is that the King has a lot of work to do to save our season, because right now it’s going down the toilet.

Martin Kelly’s assist. Torres’ finish (and him showing a bit more passion than in previous games). LFC trying to pass the ball more instead of hoofing it.

That’s all I can think of at the mo. Too upset to type now. Can’t wait to see how the xenophobic English press will say its not Kenny Dalglish or Roy Hodgson’s fault we lost at Blackpool…its RAFA’s!!



8 responses to “What went wrong against Blackpool?”

  1. rivald says:

    The OWNER DONT HAVE AMBITION & HOPE to be in the champions league next season.

    ATTRACT WORLD CLASS PLAYER NEXT SEASON with no champions league football !!? HAHA in your Dream Henry.

    LFC might be relegated & play in League one with only five point with the bottom team.
    the owner think they smart & wise but just PLAIN

  2. Bobby Gaff says:

    What can Kenny do after just a few training sessions? He tried to go for width with Milan playing and it didn’t work, he tried to support Nando with Kuyt but Dirk let us down badly, he tried to let Meireles off the lesh by playing two holding midfielders and Raul shirked out of the job. Johnson has more experience than young Kelly so he opted for him at LB as Kelly is already out of position playing at RB. Kenny will get it right, he needs time with the players and time to rebuild there confidence. I would look to play Darby at RB and GJ right wing, but the LB slot is still a worry. I would look to buy Kevin Davies as a short term help to Torres.

  3. Bobby Gaff says:

    Forgot to say Kelly at CB with Agger!!!

  4. Dale Marlow says:

    I was truly shocked at how poor the passing was. It shows the damage done by the poor performances of the last 18 months playing long ball stuff and I’m sure Kenny has come in and said were not doing that anymore. The big issue was the players inability to understand that to play a passing game there has to be movement to give a player options, at one point Johnson had to turn full circle from a promising position and retreat unable to find a pass and then had to do the same again before passing back to Reina. It was very painful viewing and the right team won, but it is the right way to go for the team, LFC have to learn to play all over again. When they haven’t got the ball hunt it down like a pack of dogs, if you cant do that then get your fitness up till you can and all 10 outfield players need to do this to make it work. Look at all the successful teams, when they don’t have the ball they work like crazy to get it. When they have it, they work hard to give the player in possession options. It’s not that hard really, you just need commitment to do it and do it consistently.

  5. What we miss is a mascharano type defensive midfielder that protects the back four and lets the other players play that is a priority and there is one at juve who is an ex liverpool player that may just fit the bill who wants to leave juve and return to the prem he will have grown up since he left us and learnt a lot in the italian league i would make the suggestion to kenny that he may be our first signing and give them pulson , merrelis and koncheski and johnson to pick from to take back to italy

  6. magnumopus says:

    Sorry but I don’t think that MOMO is our answer however your assessment of the situation is right on mate! Try Muntari or Diarra type player first!

  7. Jay Wright says:

    I’ve said it all season long – Kuyt is a passenger and has to get out of the team. The removal of Maxi was one step in the right direction, but for the life of me I can’t understand how Kuyt has managed to convince THREE consecutive managers (and the majority of our fans) that he is worthy of a starting place in our team; and on the wings at that!

    You can play a solid midfield 3 if the front 3 have explosive talent, but playing Kuyt up there just handicaps the team immediately.

    The lack of pace and dynamism in our central midfield is also a problem, and I’m yet to see any evidence that Meireles is a better player than Aquilani, or any more “Premiership ready” than the younger, taller & quicker Italian…

  8. I would love to see any of them two at lfc but I just dont think at the moment that we can attract them to our club were as momo has been here and i think in a short term basis he would give us the protection needed