Date: 10th January 2011 at 1:18pm
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Was the red card Steven Gerrard given against Manchester United for his challenge on Carrick correct?

Being a Liverpool fan, I would say that it was not a red card but if that had been a Manchester United player who put in a tackle like that I would have called for a red card as Gerrard went in with two feet and left the ground. It was a harsh decision to give the red card especially in such a big game. If I were Howard Webb, I would have given Gerrard a yellow card and a talking to.

But then what pisses me off is that Raphael went in with a two footed tackle on Raul and nothing was awarded. Where is the consistency then? Raphael should also have been sent off for his tackle but then they are arguing that he won the ball but what if he had missed? He would have broken Raul’s ankle.

Now Gerrard will miss 3 games for Liverpool and I wonder how much of an impact that will be.

Was that a red card for Steven Gerrard?

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8 responses to “Was that a red card for Steven Gerrard?”

  1. killian says:

    I agree I would probably feel different if it was a United player but I don’t see a red card there. Yes he went in with both feet but they were running along side each other. Had it been a head on collision and Gerrard went in with a two footed challange he would have deserved a red card. Rafaels challange had more chance/risk of injuring the player.

    That aside, why the fuck is there even a two footed challenge in Gerrards play book?

  2. Adam says:

    what a stupid and unnecessary poll, clearly the poll will fall under the “no” category seeing as only liverpool supporters visit this page and will be 100% biased. i actually don’t know why i look at your articles majority of them are fucking stupid and clueless.

  3. chegs says:

    An avid Liverpool supporter but this was a blatant red – 2 feet off the ground into the player. Put simply, if Carrick did the same to him we would be calling for a straight red as well. The pen was ridiculous, but this was the right decision, and any realistic & knowledgeable Liverpool fan will surely agree

  4. Billy says:

    The max Stevie should have got should have been a yellow in light of the Raphael “tackle” 2 minutes earlier being totally unpunished.

  5. Mike Arms says:

    Gerrard plays with his heart, unfortunately the heart sometimes makes silly mistakes, his lunge was silly and indisciplined and cost us a place in the 4th round. Regardless of the penalty decision, we had 90 minutes to turn it around and probably would have done if Gerrard’s brain was as big as his heart.

  6. Joe says:

    Blatently a red card, i understand everyone here will be slightly biased but its just down right stupid to say he didnt deserve sending off