Date: 10th January 2011 at 12:31pm
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Never in a million years in my opinion but Howard Webb decided to award it after Berbatov fell to the ground very easily after the challenge from Agger. I thought the ref had to be 100% sure when they awarded a penalty and there was no way Webb can say he was 100% sure. Added to that, the refs assistant was in a perfect position to see that challenge and he did not wave to award it meaning that he did not think it was a penalty.

On Saturday, Theo Walcott was in a similar position to Berbatov and he came out and said he dived to win a penalty for Arsenal against Leeds. Berbatov has come out and said that it was a penalty and he has obviously been backed by Alex Ferguson. King Kenny does not agree with the both of them as he feels it was never a penalty. Knowing Roy Hodgson, he would have said, “Yes I think it was!”

But what is done is done and we just have to put that game behind us and move on.

Was that a penalty?

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12 responses to “Was that a penalty?”

  1. Xile says:

    No way was that a penalty. My Nan (god rest her soul), would have managed to stay on her feet during that so called “challenge” from Agger!

  2. WELL WISHER says:

    It was reported that Webb told some members of a football team to go down easily as this would make his job easier. That match ought to have been played during the festive period but was postponed.

    • Piet Uytebrouck says:

      Webb told this to Blackpool a few days before their (postponed) Liverpool home game.

  3. Mr. Bollemus says:

    There wasn’t even a nanosecond of contact between the two of them, of course there was no penalty. The backing Berbatov got from Ferguson, is obviously to, firstly, try to wind up some Liverpool-supporters (which seemingly didn’t work) and secondly to back his player (one of the very few attributes Hodgson should have taken from his best bud).

    Howard Webb fixed the victory for United there, no doubt about it, and it’s not the first time the skinhead has done just that for United, something has to change FA.

    When Alan Wiley refereed the game at OT, where we won 4-1, he got every single big decision spot on. Some might say that I say that because we won the game with such a big margin and so easily, but look at the penalty decisions for both teams, both of them were semi-questionable at first, as Reina pulled his hands before Park went down, while Gerrard may had been brought down just right outside the box. The replays, however, proved that Wiley got them spot on.

    The red card to Vidic was never too much to discuss, but I’ve seen ref’s that have let those go with a yellow card to United, especially at Old Trafford.

    But even though I praise Wiley’s performance in that particular game, I think that a referee from outside of Great Britain should take care of the very biggest games, as they probably don’t have grown up with one particular English team, and will thereby not feel too connected to one team, which will result in that there will be fewer great mistakes in favour of one side, which they did yesterday with Howard Webb.

  4. ScouseBob says:

    I think Berbatovs standing foot was knocked before it touch the ground. Simple, he will fall. If it is outside the box its a freekick. Gerrards tackle was mad and stupid. How could we get anything with only 10 men. We played like Man City against Arsenal at the Emirates.

  5. Piet Uytebrouck says:

    It’s known that Coward Webb is a ManUre season ticket holder. What were the FA thinking when appointing Webb, a ManUre fan, for the game against their arch rivals?

  6. SGKOP says:

    Is this what we have come to. Whinging. I have been a liverpool fan all my life and this has to be the worst 1-0 lose ever. We can take nothing from this game.

  7. PooLFool says:

    Ah well there is always the Europa League. If Middlesborough and Fulham can get to the final then so can we.

  8. koplife says:

    Gerrard and Torres need to go. They are dragging the team down. Gerrard has not got the leadership skills he once had and Torres could not hit a barn yard door.

  9. gunner says:

    Berbatov took the opportunity to dive, know man utd’s rooney did the same as well as others…previously ronaldo. So you see, it’s in their blood to cheat. Of course red nose ferguson will never admit, and of course webb, a man utd fan, is always biased in favour of man utd.