Date: 10th January 2011 at 2:30pm
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You have to love Ryan Babel and his affiliation to Twitter! I follow Babel on Twitter and he has put up some very controversial posts in the past but the one yesterday following the loss to Manchester United was classic!

After the game yesterday I was pissed off with Howard Webb for awarding the penalty to Manchester United and for giving Steven Gerrard a red card. All I could do was vent my frustrations at the TV but Babel decided to go a step further and post a picture of Howard Webb wearing a Manchester United shirt. I doubt Babel is the one who photo-shopped that image but rather he got it from someone who had already done it and he just decided to copy and paste it onto his Twitter account. But what a perfect picture which truly reflected the game.

Now Babel is in hot water with the FA about that picture and we will see what fine or ban they impose on him.

As Liverpool fans we are very upset with Webb and my fellow fan, Kava, posted this after the game:
“Evans hits the post! Howard Webb just unable to smash in the rebound!!”


2 responses to “The picture Ryan Babel tweeted of Howard Webb”

  1. lufc01 says:

    some things never change.One of the most blatant dives seen in a long time and even being a man up for most of the game the bastards still had to rely on cheating to get a result.they make me sick.