Date: 10th January 2011 at 2:14pm
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Now that King Kenny is the new Liverpool manager, what signings if any will he make in the January transfer window?

Dalglish and the Liverpool board are in a rather tricky situation now as the window is open but they do not know if they should buy or not since Kenny is only in the job until the end of the season. Dalglish could go out and buy players and then we appoint a new manager in the summer who does not like or want the players Dalglish has signed.

But I am confident that Liverpool have the right people and structures in place to make good decisions this January. This is where the role of Comolli comes in. He seems to be the man who makes decisions on who Liverpool should sign and I am sure he will work closely with Dalglish to identify players who are right for Liverpool’s needs regardless of who the manager is. Kenny will obviously have been looking closely at Liverpool from the start of the season and he will have an idea who needs to be bought and sold.

First thing is first, I am sure everyone at the club can see we need another striker to play upfront with Torres or to back him up when he is not fit. We need a left back as Konchesky may as well head out the door with Hodgson. It will be interesting to see what formation Kenny wants to adopt in the long run for the rest of the season. Does he go with the one man upfront with someone supporting behind him or does he go with an all out 4-4-2? Either way I believe Kenny will need some wingers with pace and he has to go out and buy one or two as currently we do not have much pace in our team.

So for the fans who believe that Dalglish will not be given cash to spend this January, I think you are wrong. We need to make two or three signings in our weak positions and new signings often tend to just lift up the spirits of the team and fans somehow.


5 responses to “Dalglish’s January transfer window plans”

  1. Greg says:

    I have no doubt at all the Dalglsih will sign and he will be gven a lot of money to spend. if he gets 30m then he should buy Suarez, Ashley young and a world class left back. those players will even play for the next manager who should be rijkaard.

  2. mike (south africa) says:

    we need to move quickly in the window and get players now!!!! Please please please do not sign Adebayor. He is crap and his attitude stints. he would not last a day at Liverpool under King Kenny.

    Maybe since Kenny was working with the youth’s he could gamble to bring through the ranks some talented he has spotted. The next Michael Owen or Robbie Fowler would do us well right now and save us millions than buying a foreign striker.

  3. Red says:

    Understand people that it is Damien Comolli who is in control of transfer strategy at the club. I’m sure Kenny will get input into this process (esp. with his eye for a player) but the days of managers being in control of signing players are now a thing of the past at LFC. This makes sense, as it means that (in theory) there should be more long-term stability in terms of playing staff. LFC is now being run as “proper” business should be.

  4. Donncha says:

    Think King Kenny’s history in the transfer market tells us that he shud be given money to spend, over the years he has signed fantastics players..4 liverpool and blackburn. And whos to say he wont keep the job, he wanted it when it was given to Hodgson, and if he reunites the team then why get rid of him. In terms of signings think we need a quality target man up front, someone to take the physical pressure off torres, who i believe KK can get the best out of. badly need pacy wingers, cud possibly try playing G.Johnson out the right, and if it works well either play Kelly RB, or sign a quality young right back..either way. But one way or another we need fast ppl out the wings, but quality, not just fast and nothing else. Would like a quality dominant CB aswell

  5. ALbert says:

    I think Liverpool needs to spend its money well, and use the youngsters better. I reckon we should buy the following players.

    Charlie Adams (if Blackpool will sell him). We desperately need good cover in the middle of the park. The club can’t do well if we have to force Gerrard into the middle of the park every time one of our other central midfielders are unavailable to to injury or red cards. Plus a bit of competition there will help. The guy is also only 25, so is a good age. Charlie Adams should also be fairly cheap.

    A good striker – I am liking Negredo. A left footed striker like Negredo could also be useful as a winger if needed.

    We need a winger on the left, someone who will give us natural width. Riera was actually very useful in the season we almost won it. Someone with trickery and pace and who scores goals too. Charles Nzogbia would be a good option. Already proven in the premier league too.

    I think this would give some balance to the team, give us good striking options, whilst leaving us with Babel, Kuyt, Ngog as solid squad player. Ngog is really stepping up though, and could be used on the left a la Henry before he got to be the striker we all knew in the premiear league. This squad does not need too much tinkering.