Date:7th January 2011 at 10:48am
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Liverpool fans across the world are still waiting to hear from NESV what the future holds for Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson. Their silence is worrying as one would have expected by now that they would have said something following the loss to Blackburn and the continued calls from the fans to get rid of Hodgson as early as yesterday.

I tend to think that NESV have not come out and said anything yet because they do not know what to do or say. A large percentage of the fans are calling for NESV to appoint Kenny Dalglish to lead Liverpool for the rest of the season. That seems like the most logical and safest option right now but why will NESV not do that?

My thinking is that NESV will not appoint Dalglish to take over from Hodgson in the short term because they are probably strategising for a long term plan right now for Liverpool. A long term plan which includes appointing a young manager to lead Liverpool for the next 10 years. If they do appoint Dalglish until the end of the season, what will happen if Dalglish does well and leads Liverpool to a Top 4 finish, he wins the Europa League and possibly the FA Cup? They may then be forced to keep Dalglish and we as the fans would then want Dalglish to stay in-charge. That would be going against their long term plan for the club.

Then again, what if King Kenny takes over and he does not do a good job? I believe that the fans would never boo Kenny or chant for him to be sacked no matter what, but let’s be honest, the way the season has gone for Liverpool, there is a chance we could continue in this slump even with Kenny in-charge. And if the blame for the poor season is also laid onto Kenny that could tarnish the great reputation and history the King has had at Liverpool. Would NESV risk the possibilty of tarnishing the King’s history? I do not think so.

My other line of thinking is that Dalglish himself may not be wanting to take over until the end of the season and he may be wanting a more permanent job. Let us not forget that Dalglish applied for the job in the summer after Rafa was sacked.
Dalglish would do anything for the better of the club and I am sure if he is asked to manage until the end of the season he would really think hard about it and probably say ‘yes’ but deep down we know he wants the job for the long term. But we can not be too sure if he will jump at saying ‘yes’ because if you remember when he stepped down in 1991 he said, “This is the first time since I came to the club that I take the interest of Kenny Dalglish over Liverpool Football Club.” So what is stopping him this time from taking his own interest first before Liverpool by stating that his interest is to have a long term managerial role?

NESV have a tough decision to make over the next couple of days or weeks. And what ever decision they make, you will be sure that someone is not going to be happy about it.

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