Date: 7th January 2011 at 12:58pm
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Is this the end of Hodgson’s time at Liverpool? The club have cancelled a pre-arranged press conference to preview Sunday’s FA Cup third-round tie at Manchester United. Now why is this so?
Could it be that Roy himself has refused to speak to the media as he is scared to answer the barrage of questions that will come his way with regards to his future as manager? Or are the club doing this as to take the focus away from Hodgson and rather focus on the game on Sunday? Or has he simply been sacked and is not available to speak about the game on Sunday? I hope it is the later.

Either way, I think the cancellation of this press conference goes a long way to showing us that Hodgson’s time is up at Liverpool.

It is said that an interview with Hodgson is scheduled to appear on Liverpool’s in-house television channel and website later today.


5 responses to “Why did Liverpool cancel Hodgson’s press conference?”

  1. swift says:

    hopefully hes sacked ayyy

  2. ynwa says:


  3. Frank from Norway says:

    Come on, sack him pleeeeease. Bring in a new face. I am so tired looking at that muppet.

  4. gk says:

    i wouldnt mind roy but for 3 things:
    1. he signed konchesky (utter crap and we all knew he would be)
    2. he keeps playing lucas instead of pairing meriles and stevie in middle of park (brainless monkey could work this out)
    3. he doesnt play joe up front as a foil for torres. the one pass that unpicked blackburn that put the ball at beautful volley height for torres came from cole. stop playing ngog up there….
    OK there is more than 3 reasons
    4. why play kyrgakos and drop agger ? wtf? unco muppet
    5. roy doesnt look like he could inspire or get a response from a bull with a red rag…

  5. Bill says:

    The Return of the King is imminent..The Return of the King is ..imminent.

    Question: What stained Liverpool history
    Ans: Roy Hodgson.