Date: 7th January 2011 at 12:26pm
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With all the talk over the last couple of days being about Roy Hodgson and whether he will be sacked or not, people tend to forget that there is actually a BIG football game to be played on Sunday! The managerial drama surrounding Hodgson has take a lot of attention away from what this is all about: a game of football to be played for 90 minutes between the two biggest teams in English football.

In the past, this week I would have just been chirping and sledging Manchester United fans in the build up to this game but there has been none of that. The United fans themselves have not even been sending me emails or SMS’s slating me as they think they have this game in the bag already.

Yes, we are having problems at Liverpool but this is a once off cup game and anything can happen. The form book goes out of the window and it is going to boil down to which team wants it more come Sunday. If Roy Hodgson has any hope of keeping his job he is going to have to give the most important team talk of his career to the players before kickoff on Sunday.

There is no reason why Liverpool can not win this game. Manchester United are not playing the best of football right now and we certainly are not as well. But come Sunday, if the Liverpool players have their heads screwed on properly and Roy Hodgson names a decent starting eleven, we can beat United.

Let us forget about all this Hodgson drama for 90 minutes and go out there and beat United. Remember the 4-1 win at Old Trafford not too long ago? We can do that again!



4 responses to “There is still a game to be played on Sunday”

  1. Gaz says:

    Press conference today has been cancelled, think he is gone, but yes there is still a game today, expect announcement soon

  2. ALLAN says:

    I just dont understand how Chris Houghton can be sacked and Woy is still in a job, what is the yard stick used to judge a good manager and a bad manager.

  3. Jay Wright says:

    People are acting like Man U are invincible, but they are just another average team (maybe slightly better squad than ours, but not by much) with a far superior manager and a belief that they should be winning every game that they play.


    I’ve had enough of Skrtel and Soto and am ready to start blooding the younger players, screw the consequences! Forget about using Kuyt and Maxi to mark their full backs(!), I want to get our quickest attacking trio on the pitch and force their fullbacks to worry about the space that they’d be leaving behind if they venture too far forwards.

    Also, we need to switch to a three man central to prevent dangerous balls coming into the feet of Nani, Rooney and Berbatov as easily as we do with a flat 4 man line.

  4. Gab says:

    I totally agree with Jay’s team selection, although I might be inclined to have Wilson in at left back as the two wide forwards will mean that the left and right backs don’t need to get forward as much as usual. Having more height for set pieces would be great as well. Definitely think that a 3 man midfield, all central, of Gerrard, Lucas, Meireles, is the answer, with Torres getting support from two wide players. Can’t believe that we haven’t tried this up to now.