Date: 7th January 2011 at 11:44am
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Roy Hodgson is still the Liverpool manager (for now). Hodgson arrived at Melwood this morning to take training and he will be giving his press conference ahead of the FA Cup game against Manchester United on Sunday.

It is going to be interesting to hear what Hodgson has to say as I am sure a lot of the questions are going to be about his future at the club and very little focus on the game. I can bet you that Hodgson is going to dodge all questions about his future just like he did after the Blackburn game.

So for all of you who had thought that Hodgson was sacked last night, you can quash those rumours, he is still manager, but for how long?


3 responses to “Roy Hodgson is still manager as he arrives at Melwood”

  1. ynwa says:

    It is about time that NESV started acting like owners and, take decisions, not leave fans in limbo!.

  2. Kevin says:

    Thoroughly thoroughly disappointed with Tom Werner and John Henry. Not a whisper from them all week. Shocked, dismayed and confused. Just can’t see their tenure being a success. You can’t be in the US and truly understand what’s going on at the club. They’re basically absentee landlords. Liverpool Football Club should be in the ownership of someone with has a true affinity for the club. Werner and Henry are completely and utterly clueless. Am fed up with the whole situation. I woke up yesterday(morning after Blackburn), was at a loss trying to come to terms with what’s happening so decided ‘f**k it, i’m going out to get plastered’, so i did, couldn’t sit around the house all day waiting for the ticker bar on Sky Sports News to flash up ROY HODGSON ‘RELIEVED OF DUTIES’. I was convinced if I got hammered and woke up it’d all be over. Roys reign as manager would seem just like the days drinking. Just a hazy and muddled collection of events. ‘Did that really happen? I’ll have to ring someone and find out’. But alas, woke up this mornin’ convinced it’d be over but like the hangover it’s still there. I’m going to be an alcoholic at the end of all this and I’m going to sue FSG. Emotional Distress. Just wish the man would do the honourable thing now. Werner and Henry probably didn’t even know we had a game the other night. Probably f***in forgot they even bought a football club. Anyway, was going to wait in to see the great mans press conference at 1.30 but I see it’s been cancelled. So it’s back off the pub. Won’t someone, anyone, please please please put Roy, and the rest of us, out of our misery…

  3. Rick says:

    Sack him or back him: fact.
    This way is an insult for all Lfc Fans and for The Manager, Who is a professionist.
    Sack Him or Back him: Wheter They decide to stick with the manager or sacking him, the fans or the manager respectively They will respect the decision.
    No actions grow uncertainty.