Date:6th January 2011 at 11:45am
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The first bit of news we have received indirectly from the Liverpool owners this morning suggests that they are ‘very discouraged’ by recent results, this according to Sky Sports News.

All eyes and ears on are John Henry and the Fenway Sports Group to see what they have to say following Liverpool’s defeat to Blackburn last night. Many fans see this defeat as the final nail in the coffin on Hodgson’s reign at Liverpool.

The Fenway Sorts Group will be under great pressure from the fans to get rid of Hodgson. It had been mentioned that they had already started to look for a replacement manager in the hope that Hodgson would be able to guide the team through the rest of the season but they may now need to start going through those CV’s quicker than anticipated as they need to get rid of Hodgson asap before further damage is done.

Rumours are flying across the Internet that there will be an announcement at 1PM British time about the future of Roy Hodgson.