Date: 6th January 2011 at 9:32am
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As we wait this morning to find out if Roy Hodgson is going to get the sack and who would take over from him, I have been going down memory lane and thinking of the possibility of Kenny Dalglish taking over from Roy Hodgson until the end of the season.

Dalglish’s last game as manager of Liverpool was in an FA Cup tie against Everton. The game ended 4-4 and will go down as one of the greatest FA Cup games ever. It was a shock to all of us when we heard after that game that Kenny had decided to step down. Now 20 years later, we have the prospect of Kenny coming back and taking over the reigns again.

If Hodgson is to be sacked in the next day or two and Dalglish is the man taking over, then Kenny would have his first game in-charge of Liverpool on Sunday as we take on Manchester United in the FA Cup. There is no better game for Dalglish to be in-charge of on his return than against the old enemy in the FA Cup.

So if Dalglish is in-charge come Sunday, wouldn’t it be a pleasure to have another 4-4 classic, or better yet a win at Old Trafford to kick start our season again.

Going down memory lane, I found a video with the highlights of that amazing 4-4 game courtesy of YouTube user tonyyeboah08.


3 responses to “Dalglish : Last game – FA Cup classic vs Everton. Return game – FA Cup vs Manchester United?”

  1. Chris says:

    Please Rafa come back. Please, Please, Please!! From a true Man Utd supporter 🙂 We won 3 titles and the Champions league during your time(as well as many other awards). We love you Rafa. IRWT!!!!

  2. gaz says:

    Bringing Kenny back until the end of the season would be the right move now. It was wrong to sack Rafa, had he not pointed out that the previous owners didn’t have the money they said they had, he would have been given this season to put things right after last season’s mistakes. As a result we ended up with Hodgson as the Hicks couldn’t allow someone popular with the fans to be manager.

    The future of LFC needs to be a younger manager. Perhaps Jamie Carragher or someone similar, who will bring through quality youngsters and build something great to play in the new stadium. But for now, we are suffering with Roy in charge, he has to go immediately and the owners need to make a decision that makes the hardcore support feel good. There is only one real choice available to them here, unless they are prepared to re-appoint Rafa Benitez. I do think they should interview Rafa, as a lot of the quality youngsters we have at the club were very much part of his vision and his appointments and he may have some good ideas on taking the club forwards but his record of playing youngsters while he was here was patchy at best (although none of them ever went on to do better elsewhere). My choices for manager (in order) would come from one of the following, all for different reasons:

    1. Kenny Dalglish (as explained)
    2. Rafa Benitez (also as explained)
    3. Guus Hiddink (he is just a quality manager, he would help the current team produce better football)
    4. Jamie Carragher (if you really wanted to start something new)

  3. ramesh kupusamy says:

    Hi good evening,

    I am Ramesh from Malaysia. I am a Liverpool fan since the age 15. I agree as everybody that Liverpool should sack Roy Hodgson. He had spoilt this great club like minnows such as Wolves, Balckburn and others. We used to be europeab elites but now his game plan seems to be out of place or he is running out of idea.

    We need a manager with great vision like King kenny. He is very charismatic. I believe Kenny able to restore the pride and motivation /spirit within the camp and dressing room.

    Please bring kenny back.