Date: 1st January 2011 at 7:45am
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It seems like the Liverpool owners have listened to the fans calls to get rid of Roy Hodgson and start looking for a new manager. I believe that Mr. Henry and co have seen for themselves that Roy is not the man to guide them to the success they are after.

Now the hunt begins to find a replacement. I doubt we will rush into making an appointment and a lot of time and consultation will be taken. As much as we may want to see Roy leave now, we may have to wait until the summer. But if I were Mr. Henry, I would get rid of Roy now and ask King Kenny to manage the team until the summer.

People have been suggesting that the team is not playing for Roy. If that is the case then you can be sure that the team would play for Kenny. The Kop would be buzzing and singing again when they see Kenny in the dugout. That could just be all we need to start winning again, coupled with the fact that Kenny would pick a team with players playing in their correct positions and not throwing Kuyt out wide on the left!

So as the search begins, one wonders who exactly Mr. Henry is after. The criteria in my opinion is simple, we need someone who the players will respect and play for. Someone who is a tactical master. Someone who can get the best out of his players and at the same time attract world class players to join Liverpool. Who in your opinion fits this bill?


9 responses to “The search begins for a new manager”

  1. billybob says:

    same old crap players, but get kenny in and we will all be singing knees up mother brown and doing the conga, what a utter load of shyte the teams crap and needs a overhaul, how exactly is kenny going to make the team play better than what it is?

    • Jay Wright says:


      Jones, Carragher, Kelly, Poulsen, Shelvey, Kuyt, Ngog


      Keeper??, Ivanovich, Fererer, Zhirkov, Ramires, Benayoun, Sturridge

      There’s not too much difference in the quality of our squad vs Chelsea’s when you line us up in a system that is suited to our players. The current sysem is deluding everybody into thinking that our players are a lot worse than they really are, but all we need is a bit of freshing up (more pace, size and athleticism throughout the team) and to change to a more suitable, attack minded style of play

      • Jay Wright says:

        I forgot about Malouda & Joe Cole in those teams – Cole on our bench instead of Shelvey, and Malouda pusing Kalou to the bench from Chelsea’s preferred first team

  2. CSD says:

    You may believe it, but can you cite a source for it actually happening?

  3. Rick says:

    You should underline some facts & quotes When You write an article, instead of supporting your tesis with personal opinions.

  4. Dude says:

    The team has enough decent players to finish top six. Possibly higher. Torres is still world class and Gerrard is still the most dynamic midfielder in the country. We have the best keeper and some other excellent players. I believe with 3 new players coming straight into the team we will improve immensely. Lucas and Ngog should be discarded quickly. I know Lucas has improved alot but he’s still way below the quality required. He’s too slow and rarely plays a quality ball further than 15yrds.
    When you look at other teams in the league, nobody is particularly good. The Mancs are the luckies team in the history of football. Some of there performances this season have been dire yet they’re sitting top of the league.
    Prepare for a shock in the cup.

  5. Rick says:

    “he team has enough decent players to finish top six”

    Ohhhh finally a bit of common sense.
    Totally agree.
    Sixth place is the standard of this side.

  6. billybob says:

    liverpool will finish below man city, arsenal, spurs,man utd and chelsea for the forseable future, they may have the edge over the other teams to finish 6th with the likes of torres and gerrard, gerrards not getting any younger and when it comes to replace him you have to question where will the money come from.

    As for torres hes good but he wants out and its plain to see, aparently he was seen in barcelonas stadium at the last game.

    Liverpool fans need to realise they are like the other mediocre teams that make up the league and the sooner they do, the better it will be for them to accept it.

    The way i see it is you have reina, carragher, gerard and torres that would get into the present top 5 squads with only gerrard being gauranteed a start.

    Basically the bubbles burst and its about time you lot faced up to it, theyve gone from a top 4 side to a top 6 side.

    • Jay Wright says:

      Tottenham dropped from a lower position than ours to a lower floor, then came back and overtook us in just a year. There is no reason to believe that we can’t return amongst the elite with some clever management (obviously not Hodgson’s) and a little injection of class into the team